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…she finally succumbed to his demands: to lay bare her nudity for his exploration. She was 23 and had protected her innocence all the years. Convinced as to have grown into an adult who could discern any course and descend on any amorous bed, she gave in the carnal pleasure and suppressed the pressure of a moral conscience.

At the appointed time, she had left her towel to fall off her body. She threw herself unto the bed and lay there in full life. Her members were all intact: the inverted triangle had a gaping moist appearance and the baby’s factory was chubby like a full moon. This was an evidence of a foreplay which had taken place in the bathroom before the Adam’s son excused himself to use the restroom. She was snaking round the bed in ecstatic expectation. And finally, the Adam’s son appeared to begin the erotic soccer. He fed his eyes from the sumptuous diet on the bed, even as she kept rolling her tongue like a snake looking for a prey. He didn’t respond in the organ inbetween. Moving closer, she tapped it, the rod refused to get up. “Oh! A fallen soldier, she exclaimed.” That was how she was saved or rather, how she saved her virginity and lost a relationship.

However, remember the title of this brief story: Sexual Health.

Do you have problems with your sexual health: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, poor libido, pronounced tiredness over a single coital cycle, naivety over the bed, shyness and poor communication etc?

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Ikechukwu Ogbu is a nurse whose motto had remained: To Love and Nurse. This strong belief forms the beautiful circlet in which he puts his head every morning. As an adjunct career, he peddles words for a living. No doubt, he has carved himself a niche in the temple of fame. This could be seen in his published books: Facing the Challenges of Life as a Youth (2014;2016), Cosmic Tales of the Mind: A Collection of Poems and Memoirs (2015), A Dangling Stethoscope (2018). His classic research on the associative factors that pose at loggerheads with accreditation of Nigerian nursing schools using SON, Mkar, Benue State as a case study is being reviewed in an international journal. Currently, Ikechukwu is working on his fourth book and the biographies of two Nigerian oracles. He hopes to come out of the seeming herculean task fully made before the end of the year, 2019. His articles and stories spanning through philosophy, psychology, theology, love, romanticism/eroticism, satire, eulogies, dirge etc are geared towards informing and enlightening a contemporary mind on the variegated natures of existentialism and fundamentalism. He is a humanist and an idealist whose basic value is in the advancement of humankind. Ikechukwu loves reading motivational and story books to no ends, just as he likes writing to high heavens. He bakes and cooks well. He plays football to keep fit and visits the gym once in a blue moon. As a single, he mingles within the bounds of social decorum, enjoying the company of men and women alike. Silence and solitude are few of his secret tools.

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