Love and Nursing

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The gentle act of assuming an office within the conclave of a patient’s heart is a virtue borne out of love. Nursing is not just a profession but a vocation which cannot be defined in isolation.

Fundamentally, to nurse is to care. And what is “caring” without love, a vital force? Nurses do not go to the university or nursing school to learn how to care or love. In fact, no institution would teach you how to heal a patient with a mere hand touch or words. No school teaches nurses the patience of enduring a patient’s spittle and insults and absorbing them with smiles and cheers.

The call of nursing is that very call in which one loses himself in order to find another. There is more to the formation of the Intellect and even, Character which is often gotten from the educational institutions. That extra value that gives flesh to a skeletal nursing is LOVE. We cannot care effectively if we do not have love for human beings despite the colour, tongue or race. Love gives essence to nursing, just as nursing is an evidence of a lovely heart.

As we celebrate the International Nurses’ Week which kicks off today, I personally reflect on the rare privilege I have: of standing tall in the casement of people’s thoughts and secrets, the privilege of joining the Creator in His creative powers of healing and recreating a fallen and falling creatures in creation.

By Nurse Ikechukwu Ogbu


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