Why Nursing Is A Charity Work In Nigeria


By Ikechukwu Ogbu

A story is told by Moses Iorapu of Hilary Clinton’s visit to the Asian country of Parkistan. Hardly had her convoy passed through the ghetto part of the country than she saw shiny beautiful sheets hanging infront of the houses on clotheslines apparently to cover the shame of poverty in those slums. Then, suddenly, a strong wind blew away the sheets and Clinton saw the fowl’s rump: horrifying scenes of poor children with swine on a refuse dump, and emaciated dogs scrambling around piles of garbage. There was a man picking “edible” on top of the refuse dump. A nurse poet had said, “The man was many years pregnant of worms.”

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The doctor is “gentle”, The Nurse is “Ungentle”

The last thing she heard was the sound of the door close noisily before her.She came out, went into the hall and like a tigress who had contracted a trait of violence and aggression from her master, mounted on the innocent patients, roaring with unprocessed grammatical constructions. A patient whispered again,“This nurse is ungentle.”