Save Our Private Nurses Initiative

In a time when the whole world is on its knees, beckoning on succour which seems to have neglected the universe.

In a time when the universe’s green scenery has been encapsulated by the red flow from the veins like war times.

So, many are out there at the front line working to save those that have been infected with the ravaging virus, while some are working to save others that are in dire need of health care.

This set of “gunless” soldiers have been at the forefront of those that have been affected the most across the globe with burnouts and its attendant psychological aftermath, pay cuts and in some extreme of cases, job loss, we at Fellow Nurses Africaa nonprofit organization deem it fit to assist this personnel that have been seriously nailed financially by providing cash assistance to them to encourage them that they are never alone and that the world needs them to stay strong in this time of global challenge.

In view of this, we appeal to you, men and women of goodwill and conscience to make conscious effort to join hands with other well meaning individuals in our effort to raise money for this palliative program.

We assure you of our transparency, accountability, in the management of the money raised, as the bedrock which our organization stands depicts honour, honesty and integrity and we live up to this creed.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards.
From all of us @FNAN

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If You Find Difficult To Make Payment Online,

Kindly use the Bank details below;

Account Number: 1017156959

Account Name: Fellow Nurses Africa Network

Bank Name: Zenith Bank