Forgiveness; the primary key to happiness

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Forgiveness; the primary key to happiness

Forgive him
Forgive her
Forgive them
Forgive yourself

For as long as we exist as humans we would offend people, get on their nerves and also get offended.

To forgive and forget requires a special grace.  Some people and situations often seem unforgivable but the more we forgive and forget, the happier we shall be. The bravest apologizes first, the strongest forgives first and the first to forget is the happiest.

The mind is a very special and precious compartment. It is so precious that we cannot afford to hoard rubbish in the form of past experiences that hurts, disappointments et cetera there in.

It’s quite impossible not to get hurt. We may not be able to control people’s actions that hurts us but we can control our reactions at such times.

Forgiveness doesn’t erase the past but it does enlarges the future. It must not mean that you must not trust again, it means you have learnt a lesson and you must not be hurt again by the same person. Once bitten, twice shy.

Live. Love. Learn and forgive.

Aborisade Omolola
For Fellow Nurses Africa

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