More Than Just A Nurse: Entrepreneurship Opportunities For Nurses

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Let’s appreciate God for giving me the platform to speak here tonight.
Good evening everyone, it’s wonderful having great nurses on board! I appreciate the conveners of this great conference.
I salute my leaders in the profession and all my colleague. We are about to embark on a journey that is going to leave an indelible mark of excellence on us all.
I will not just be speaking about entrepreneurship alone tonight, we shall be discussing it because,  I love having interactive sessions.
So Let’s get started!
Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?
Who is an entrepreneur?

We will get answers to them from another perspective tonight as a nurse!
It is a transaction between two or more people involving the exchange of services or products for money or a value.

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating and exchanging goods and services.

Do you know entrepreneurship is more than mere selling?

An Entrepreneur is also known to be a business man.
E.g Inventors of electricity and Computer.

The best profession to be an entrepreneur is NURSING ❗You know why?
Entrepreneurshp is about the people and the product but, the most most crucial is the aspect of the people. The emanates from having the right motive before starting a business.

Let’s pick the inventors of electricity for example, he was concerned about the people first.
Enterpreneurs are the influencers and world changers! They hold power and authority within their sphere or world!
Now I’m getting closer to the lecture…
Entrepreneurs are creative thinkers and manager❗… show me a nurse who can’t think creatively and i will show you a man who may not be able to cope as a nurse!

The greatest asset of God are the people, he places value on people! I believe we must have been taught in our various place of worship that God is in the business of placing value on men!
Show me an hospital without the patients and you will get a poor hospital.
Do you know one of the reasons why men are limited in life?

Who told you that as a nurse you can’t make money outside the four corners of the hospital?
Entrepreneurs are men that has ideas and challenges their world and not just followers!

There are 2 categories of people and product in entrepreneurship; the entrepreneur and the client.

– Digital/Virtual Product

-Physical product.
But in nursing the major people are the Nurse and the clients. Hence, one thing that has affected nursing for a while is that we have only been following and afraid of taking risks!
• I will start touching some sensitive issues…
Entrepreneurs are leaders, risk takers!
Lack of ideas and not lack of money

How do I start a business as a nurse?
let’s look into the world need!
One of the major factors people fail in business is that they are not satisfying the needy

Oh…Iet me define a product…
In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need.
I will be using it under the next sub topic STARTING A BUSINESS AS A NURSE

I believe Abraham Maslow must have been an entrepreneur by birth 路‍ Can someone state his theory? And list those needs?

1. Ask yourself these questions…
What are you wired to offer your generation? 
What do you love doing the most? 
What will you be remembered for? What legacy will you leave when you are no more there?

This is called Purpose Discovery:
Passion: this is your interest, you can’t spend your whole life doing what you hate doing, or else you will be frustrated in life…one of the reasons we have some frustrated clinical nurses is the fact that they are doing are not called to be on the ward! Some are meant to be Lecturers, administrators e. t. c
Talent: Your Special gift in life, what you do easily without stress, you really know it even when you have not been taught!
Be willing to take a chance!
Be ready to take risk. Entrepreneurs are risk takers!
Step out of your comfort zone “
There is danger in staying on a spot❗
The world is scientifically rotated, do what people around you are afraid to dare!
Reflect on how you can use your talent to serve others.  You are not created to be in the bed room! 
A selfish man cannot be an effective entrepreneur!

You can’t continue to say what will they say?

After you have discovered this… move to the next phase of MASTERING IT through professional training!
I meant to say…

Find a problem in a niche,  find problems around you.
Nursing is one of the best professions to make money  as an entrepreneur Why?
Because we have many problems to solve!
I will provide one or two more specific examples you may look into in healthcare system as a nurse.
Nursing has too many problems to solve.
While I use this as a case study…. let someone quickly list some problems in healthcare and in nursing…

Now on more shock… if I’m not being honest please tell me. 
While you have listed some problems such as Patients Wound, Nursing student having difficulties in comprehending Anatomy e. t. c.

How does your Passion solve any of the problems listed above?

Problem: Diabetes and Wound
Solution on Wound:  You can decide to get more training on wound care as a nurse, as attend to people at home at their convenient periods…
♐ Start with an idea

♐write and plan on the idea
♐ Execute the plans
Execute the Plan
⬆ Awareness / Branding

⬆ Marketing
⬆Consistency / feedback
Awareness / Branding / information
Make people see the problem on ground and teach them the solution you’ve gotten through free lectures and other enticing communication means. This is what motivates of their interest.

Digital marketing
Personal Branding

Social media
Public presentation
Market Your Idea
Traditional marketing

Digital marketing
The normal ones we know… such as physical advertisements, hawking,    handbills, e. t. c
I will be talking on Personal Branding also called ibranding in a group tomorrow… time is no more on our side…

There are lots of other areas of entrepreneurship to dive into but we cannot handle them all tonight… For some who may like my area of expertise… i will upload some stuffs which may interest you. I love graphics designs and media stuffs  I therefore decided to be creating nursing related products while i make my money!
Consistency / Feedback
✅Regular service 
✅Attending to Customer testimonies and  complaints..

You can also decide to teach people online  WhatsApp and other online platforms such as skillshare… you make your money via that!
Watch out for what comes out of FELLOW NURSES AFRICA ❗
For more info about entrepreneurship you can join my entrepreneurs team.
I created a poster for the conference and lots…

See some of my works here
Thank you!
I am Adewa Taiwo
CEO O’click Modecai Media.

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