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In a world where the ones who care for people’s health and ensure that good health is enjoyed by all, irrespective of status, class or background do not have a say in the happenings around them, that could either promote health or be detrimental to health, but are merely “observers”, all that is experienced therefore in the health sector flops and can’t be appreciated no matter the efforts put in to cover the shame.
Unfortunately nursing often seems to rely on unions or figureheads to represent our professional interests and often feel disempowered or disinterested by the politics of healthcare.
Nursing has come to be a part of every man’s daily life, there is probably a nurse in every home in the developed countries and in developing countries 1 in 10: this is because nursing goes beyond a service or a profession, it’s an act and a thing of the mind. Nurses constitute the largest health care workforce in most countries.
An estimated 35 million nurses make up the greater part of the global health workforce. Nurses interact closely with patients and their families and often accompany patients around the clock in all sectors of health care. This gives nurses a broad appreciation of health needs, of how factors in the environment affect the health situation for clients, their families and communities and of how people respond to different strategies and services.
Nurses command expert knowledge based on their education and experience that could contribute positively towards improving all spheres of health care. International Council of Nurses (ICN) reiterates that nurses can make a major contribution in promoting and shaping effective health policy because they closely interact with clients, gaining an appreciation of the health needs of the population and factors that influence these health needs.
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