Time; The true Test of ALL

Time; The true Test of ALL

It Tests US
It Tests loyalty
It Tests strengths and weaknesses
It Tests abilities
It Tests stupidity
It Tests wisdom
It Tests friendship and family
It Tests relationships
It Tests opportunities when it abounds

It Tests dreams and aspirations
Time is never wasted
Lessons are learnt and life goes on.

We may not be where we are in dreams
We all actually think disappointment is sharing birth right with us sometimes.

Mistakes may be a recurrent occurrence, we sometimes do things we vowed never to do

our trust and love may be betrayed
We may ask
“why always me?”

quitting breeds no  champion …

Giving up doesn’t equate new opportunities

Whatever life throws at us,

Give it TIME, it heals.
Give time the opportunity to test all things

By all means possible, Be happy

Omolola Aborisade
For Fellow Nurses Africa

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