Do Nurses Really Love Themselves?

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Of recent I lost my job to a fellow nurse who happened to be a pal right from school. Losing the job isn’t the issue here, losing it to a trusted friend  and colleague at a point I least expected and stunned with no alternative is.
Ordinarily he wouldn’t have done that, but because of what I term ” greed and insecurity ” he made an irreparable mistake. Well, that’s another story for a great day !

I’ve heard people say nurses hate themselves, talk down on fellow nurses, this and that but  I hardly pay attention to such hearsay. like the saying goes,
 ” Seeing is believing “

During my job hunting adventures, I entered one of the private hospitals and met a young lady of about 22 years of age, dark and slim, averagely pretty and putting on a blue scrub. I said to myself, this must be one of the impersonators  we are talking about.
Hello! I’m Oluwatosin, do I meet the MD on seat?
No sir, how may I help you? She replied.
Well, I’m here to have a discussion with him…
  Are you a Doctor? the usual question people ask each time they see me at the hospital or doing something they think nurses can’t do ordinarily. This time round I did something strange…
Yes, I answered, I like to know if there’s a vacancy for Nurses or Doctors here.
I’m not sure sir, probably you have to come back to see see the  MD personally and discuss your intents with him, she said with a smile on her face. We exchanged contacts and I left.

Two hours latter, my phone rang, It was a call from an unknown number.

I am Damilola , the nurse you met the last time.
How’s your journey home? Did you get home safely?

 Oh nurse! I’m fine, thank you .

The MD didn’t come back today but may likely come tomorrow , she continued.
However, there’s a vacancy somewhere in ibeju lekki, Lagos , I wouldn’t mind if you can take the job. I’m also making calls to my friends if I can get a place for you in their hospitals. Do you have a surgical skill?
At this point I was becoming uncomfortable, I smiled and said, thank you nurse, your kind gestures are appreciated. Kindly make your calls and get back to me.
I hung the call and quickly open my whatsapp  and message her.

Hey nurse!
Thanks for the last time, sorry I didn’t tell you my identity, it’s unusual of me and I did that because I assumed you’re an auxiliary. With my interactions with you so far, I’m convinced you are not. I’m Oluwatosin K.O, a Registered Nurse.
Don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s a vacancy for nurses at your place or any other places. We exchange pleasantries and that was all, till today.

Two things from the story above, the lady was willing to be of help for me to get a job when I never demanded such because she thought I was a doctor.

She became unwilling after I made her realize I’m a colleague, despite persuasions to beckon on me if she sees any job oppening. She didn’t even bother to talk to her MD on my behalf as earlier promised, sighs…

 This affirmed the opinion that nurses don’t like themselves or better put, we don’t like helping ourselves.
There’s been instances  where we see nurses talking down on another in the presence of patients which they will never do to any other member of the healthcare team.

I’ve worked in nurses owned hospitals and doctors owned hospitals, the latter pays, treats and motivates you better.

I’ve seen where a nurse will deliberately deny a junior nurse permission to go and write exams or do something productive.
Some will even unnecessarily split your off days till it becomes useless. Intimidations and witch-hunting becomes the order of the day.

On the other hand, hardly will you see any other member of the healthcare team do what the other colleague in the opening paragraph did. To a reasonable extent, it is rare.
I am not saying these set of people are perfect, but they work with the consciousness that whatever sacrifice they make, it is for their profession. Nurses can borrow a leaf from this.

I’m not also disputing the fact that there are still great nurses out there who can go extra miles to see another nurse succeed,  of course I’ve met a number of them. The number of these ones is highly infinitesimal.

We might not be related by blood, Nursing has brought us together in a small world, the nursing world. Our actions to friends, relatives, colleagues and even patients should be geared towards justice and equity and above all, professionalism.

Whatever sacrifices we make or fail to make today we either speak for or against us in the years to come. These little things matter.

NB: This is strictly the opinion of the writer.

Do Nurses really love helping themselves?

Let’s hear you in the comment box.

 Oluwatosin K.O RN.
For fellow Nurses Africa

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