Family Bond With Julie Mogbo, RN

Hiba was excited planning a camp expedition with her tea campftes for one of the social groups she belongs to. She felt she really needed that break away from all the demands of life which seemed to have recently become a cause for her recent nightmares ‘daymares’.

Hiba was independent when she was single. She knew how to fashion her life for her good and that of her nuclear family. However, life began to take a dramatic turn when she got married, changed residential location and began having children. Right there at the camp, her Psychotherapist friend told her she was gradually falling into depression. To her, this wasn’t the life she bargained for.
Arthur has always been a goal getter. He desired to have a good life and promised himself to do all within his power to have the kind of family he was born into if not better. In order to achieve this, he made sure he had saved up some money, invested in businesses and built a house before he got married. He didn’t see what was coming. He wasn’t expecting it. From little misunderstandings to threats and curses, under his very eyes, his marriage was falling apart. 
To make things worse, his family Nurse on his last visit told him he needed to watch his Blood pressure. This wasn’t the family life he anticipated.
I believe that the family was instituted to cultivate and preserve values that would sustain lives. Sadly, the happenings in many families are rather destroying lives. There are so many ills that are befalling families today: rape, child sexual abuse, substance abuse, depression, suicide, domestic violence, maternal and child mortality, name it, the lists is endless. All these are causing more strain on our already weak healthcare facilities.
It is becoming clear through research that many illnesses are caused by a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors not just the invasion of microbes. For Hiba and Arthur, the outcome of their family lives is largely dependent on their ability to cope with the demands that come with being a spouse and a parent. But do you know that all these could actually have been avoided? That the challenges they face could be minimal?  
Here is why;
The concept of health and wellbeing as taught and explained by some professionals and understood by some people needs to be revisited. A much deeper and robust understanding and education is key to achieving optimal wellbeing of families and by extension, humanity.
This is the reason the gospel of Family Bonds as it affects our wellbeing is being propagated. In this column, you will gain tools to enhance, maintain and strengthen necessary bonds that will engender sustainable health or wellbeing for you, your family and that of your clients or patients.
I must warn you though, you might be coming across issues that are not easily or readily talked about, addressed as needed or even seen as having any consequence on our health.
To share your concerns, comment or ask questions regarding Family Bonds, please send an email to with subject title: ‘FAMILY BONDS’. See you in the next edition.

I am committed to your wellbeing. Julie Mogbo, RN.

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