Mediocrity: A Devourer

I believe reading is not enough, practising is much better and putting God first in all is the over all best. I stand to be corrected on this 90% of people on this part of the world are mediocres. In nursing profession a lot are still mediocres, let’s call a spade a spade. We hid ourselves from the crowd and keep ourselves with the routine works thinking we are getting any better but rather stinking because we had no time to wash away acade ideas and input new and relevant ones. We find our selves getting mad and angry at things (Reactions) but doing nothing on it (actions) is just what mediocres do.

 Mediocrity on Demands

What we called for certainly we got it and of course no one is to be blamed.

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No wonder Gani Fawehinmi an activist and an autocratic leader said and i quote “stand for what is right even if you are standing alone”.

I summarize here 4 categories of mediocres

-Academic mediocres
-political mediocres
-spiritual mediocres and -social mediocres.

 Academic mediocres
one thing I realized about us students is that we tend to be lazy  and it is really not our faults but because we almost overwork the brain in its ironical form.
Abraham Lincoln made me understand the brain has a lot of cells that can accomodate so many informations without it getting tired. He explained further that there are over 100billion cells in the brain and the most hardworking, brilliant persons have only used 1%, jezz! what of the 99% you may ask as well. Yes we are getting there and I believe in us all.
Stretch your brain, exercise it, it works and demand more. You stretching it is not causing its weakening but its active functioning. Spread the wings, read wide, assimilate much and reinforce more
know something about everything and know everything about something.
Be Vast
Start fresh
start now and let the drive keep pushing on.

Okunola Mayowa Bukola
For Fellow Nurses Africa

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