TRUST: What Is It?

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A man in my neighborhood has 2 “chacha” cars properly parked in his garage yet he uses “legedez” Benz. I was so curious as to why he would have 2 good cars and still choose to suffer himself. 
I walked up to him one day after gathering enough courage to do so and luckily for me, the man didn’t pick an offense, he smiled and said “those cars are just for decoration, they do not have fuel in them”, his answer made me pause for a while and conclude that assumption is the lowest form of knowledge indeed.
Trust is an essential component of every relationship no matter how irrelevant the relationship may seem. It is the “fuel”  for the vehicle of love. Love in itself is complete but without trust, it’s just a saying and just like those cars without fuel, it’s going no where, it’s just a DECORATION.
By default, we give a benefit of doubt to people as we meet them regardless of the information we have at hand, we still give them the chance to prove themselves worthy of our trust. 
Trust, just like a mirror, when broken cannot be fixed “perfectly” again. Once this happens, there will be a radical change in the way both parties interact with one another. It’s good to register your displeasure to the other party because not everyone knows when they wrong another and this depends on the existing relationship between both parties but no matter what do not assume they know.
To every problem there is a solution, yes, there is always a way out if only both parties are willing and ready to embrace it. The offender tends to seek for forgiveness and another chance to make things right but what does forgiveness have to do with betrayed trust?. In life, we cannot avoid being hurt by other people’s actions, we can’t control people’s action which hurts us which is why we must forgive ourselves and also forgive them because the deed has been done. 
Forgiveness doesn’t change the  past but it does enlarges the future. Both parties must pick life lessons and move on with life because no matter what happens, life must continue.
Growing older doesn’t make us more perfect or build a resistance to being hurt. Growing older means a wider area is covered to make more mistakes because there will be new areas of experience where we have no guidance  and of course, making mistakes becomes inevitable. The earlier we realize that no one is perfect, the better for us.
Hand out your trust wisely. 
Live, love, learn, forgive and forget. 
Written By: OmololaAboh

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