Help Save Our Private Hospital Nurses Who Aren't Working Presently

Part 3.

Till today, those nurses who were absorbed and abandoned by the state government are  still suffering the non payment of their salaries  issues.
The Director of Nursing services, Rivers State ministry of health and the principal school of Nursing Port Harcourt, who were both  suspended in one day on the basis of student Nurses protest which we demanded for their reinstatement in our letter, were never recalled into civil service and no panel of inquiry was even set up to give them a fair hearing till today.

And all the  problems we identified and  demanded for government’s attention are still here with us in Rivers State and some  have since become more complex.

The reason for that long narrative in part 2 and in first and second paragraph of part 3, was to make us to understand that, most of the problems Nurses and Nursing profession is facing are caused by Nurses, not by any one else.

Who exposed us to DSS? NURSES!

Who called SARS to arrest us?

Who denied the knowledge of our existence?

Who called us miscreants who are trying to destabilize the peace in the State health sector?

Who refuted our letter?

Therefore, if we must solve the problems facing our profession, we must start from solving the  ones caused by our negligence, arrogance, selfishness, greed and outright ignorance.

The truth is, most of the problems facing Nursing can only be solved by NANNM and Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria with the cooperation of Nigeria Nurses.
That brings us to the identified solutions.


1. The registrar of the Nursing and midwifery Council of Nigeria in collaboration with the National President of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM), should as a matter of urgency declare a state of emergency in Nursing practice and Nursing education.

2. A National Nurses submit that will be attended by every head of Hospitals and head of Nursing institutions, Members of the State Executive Council (SEC) of NANNM, State Administrative Council (SAC), and every DNS and ADNS across Nigeria should be organized Without hesitation by National association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM), in collaboration with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. And the center of discussion should focus on Complete reformation of Nursing education and practice in Nigeria in line with Universal acceptable standards and practices.

3. A compulsory state Nurses submit that will be attended by every retired and active Nurse in their various state of origins or practice should be organized by  NANNM state level across the 36states, FCT inclusive. And the state Representatives in the National Nurses submit will serve as the major stake holders in that submit. And issues of discussion should as well focus on complete reformation of Nursing education and practice across Nigeria. Attending this submit in combination with MCPDP should serve as the requirement for license renewal.

5. NANNM federal to state level should  disassociate her self from Joint Health Sectors Union (JOHESU)  without any further delay.

5. The plan of introduction of HND into Nursing profession should be eschewed without hesitation.

6.  Schools of Nursing should be affiliated to the state and federal Universities close to them. And the duration of studies should be increased to 5years and the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Licensing Qualifying exams should be written in the 3rd year and the University degree awarding exam should be written in the 5th year.

7. School of Nursing curriculum should be reviewed and updated without further delays.

9. Student Union Governments should be reinstated in all schools of Nursing across the country. And the National association of Nigeria Student Nurses should be brought back to life across Nigeria.

10. Every Nursing specialty programs should be run only as post graduate courses
i.e at Masters level.

 11. Nursing research institutions should be built across 36states of the federation, FCT inclusive.

12. Nurses should join active politics in their L.G.As and States of origin. And Nurses should be sponsored to aspire to political positions.

13. A bill prohibiting training of Auxiliary Nurses and employment of Auxiliary Nurses in private hospitals should be sponsored by NANNM at the National Assembly.

My fellow Nurses, I believe that Implementation of the aforementioned solutions, will  eliminate and reduce most of the problems facing Nursing profession.

And the time to act is now,  else Nursing will go to  journey of no return in Nigeria few years from now.

Credit: Nwaorgu Anayochi, RN

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