Awojide, A Chicken Hearted Unionist

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I will try as much as possible not to disrespect anybody but one thing is  certain I will be blunt and straight.

Who is Awojide?

He’s a perfect gentleman from modakeke, Oyo state, southwest, Nigeria. The incumbent president, National association of Nigerian Nurses And Midwives, Lagos state.

My first encounter with Awojide was in 2017 during the Telenursing programme organized by Leadnurse Africa foundation held at LCCI conference and exhibition centre, Ikeja, Lagos. Mere seeing him, he’s such a humble fellow, calm and composed but too gentle for my liking.

Olurotimi Julius Awojide

One would wonder how he became a unionist. He earned my respect the moment he was invited into a panel to discuss the matters arising in the lagos state nursing profession in collaboration with Mrs Shonibare, DNS lagos state and some other imminent nursing personalities.

He’s no doubt one of the best NANNM chairmen Lagos has produced so far.

He lost my respect the moment I heard the news of him suspending the 5days old strike embarked upon by johesu, Lagos state chapter, even when those that voted him into power were strongly against the move.

I am yet to ascertain if this man had sold us out for a plate of porridge or he was just acting under instructions of the powers that be.

 Nurses has never been so united to fight a common course Like this in the past, infact the present johesu strike is one of the most effective since inception of johesu courtesy of nurses. Out of the demands of nurses in this present struggle, the only thing I see Lagos state aproved and benefial to nurses is the uniform allowance. Others are as good as not being approved, do we talk about the unified scheme of service and proper placement which is NOT IN RETROSPECTIVE and at par with other johesu members  or internship that NCE had earlier approved?

The circular released for pharmacists clearly approved their long awaited consultancy status. Nothing of such for nurses who mostly need the consultancy status.

A look at his message to nurses below  corroborate the fact that Awojide had failed Lagos state NANNM…

Good evening my comrades.
I thank all of you for your supports while the strike lasted.
At this stage, it is imperative for us restore all services in the interest of the public.
Please all Nurses should resume work tomorrow Tuesday 14th May 2018.
We thank our governor for his quick response to SOME of our demands”
Olurotimi Awojide
NANNM Lagos”

If Awojide as a man who is supposed to be a dogged, uncompromising unionist and lead by examples could be this light, how much more his female counterparts?

If you’re still of the opinion that Nurses should pull out of johesu and stand alone to fight her course, this is another prove for you that Nurses are  not matured for that yet, probably in years to come.

If you know Awojide, tell him to retire home immediately after his tenure expires as  the NANNM chairman, any attempt to take up any other leadership position in NANNM  would put an end to his political career.

We need great men and women in nuring fearless  fighters who can strongly stand in the face of adversity and fight like a hungry lion until we get to the promise land.

This is my simple submision and you can either agree or disagree, the choice is yours.


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