Energy Therapy: A strategic Partner To The 21st Century Nurses

As had earlier been introduced, I am Dr Iwowarri Berian James, a Consultant Energy Therapist, and promoter of Energy Therapy in Nigeria and Africa. I am delighted to be among you this evening to share or introduce the new field of Energy Therapy to you. Also called Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology, the process is a Drugless health and well-being improvement modality. It is useful for achieving speedy healing and behaviour transformation. It has been proved to be effective and reliable in supporting people heal. It is no practiced in over 50 countries of the world including USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, and many others including Nigeria.

  • Dr. Iwowariri

I want to push myself in the direction of the fact that as nurses you are in a better place to help me push through this rather innovative modality in health care delivery I believe that I am protected by ” The 2010 healthcare reform act (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or PPACA) which gives nurses new opportunities to deliver care and play an integral role in leading change. Ad which enjoins you nurses to “Use nurse-led innovations”.
“Nurses know how to expand access to care and improve quality at lower cost”. Susan Hasswmiller, PhD RN FAAN once said

She also agrees that as Nurses you “need to know how you can be part of the solution to achieve better patient outcomes at a more reasonable cost. you need to do more to prevent disease; provide chronic care management to an aging, sicker, and more diverse population; and offer end-of-life care that emphasizes comfort and compassion. Across all settings—especially geriatrics—you must do more to prepare yourselves for the future”. I want to tell you that the future envisaged by Susan is here and now and I can assure you that Energy Therapy offers you the opportunity to bring innovation to your healthcare delivery.

Although the knowledge of working with Energy had been active  in China and other Asian Countries in the past 5000 plus years, and in India in the past 3000plus years, the process was not accepted in the Western culture due to their insistence of evidence based modalities that are provable in the Laboratory. Energy then could not be demonstrated in the lab so there was resistance from conventional thinkers. It was not until the 1970s when Roger Callahan, PhD, a Clinical psychologist demonstrated that it was an effective and speedy modality for treating phobias which he did in 5mins.
Between 1970s and now, the knowledge and practice of Energy Psychology which was the name late adopted to describe the process, has become a world wide phenomenon. I became aware of this wonderful process in 2005 and began pursue studies in it. I became certified in various aspects of Energy Healing between 2006 and 2009. Since then I have undertaken series if capacity development trainings in the various modalities developed by other professionals Energy healers including Nurses.
I am happy to introduce this unique rather simple, virtually costless and highly effective modalities of self and people/client care. It will transform the way you work because it is innovative and classy. It builds closer relationship with your client and brings out your humanity easily.

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology our parent Organization based in the USA defines Energy psychology (EP) as a collection of mind-body approaches for understanding and improving human functioning. EP focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviours, and known bioenergy systems (such as meridians and the biofield).
Within an EP framework, emotional and physical issues are seen, and treated, as bio-energetic patterns within a mind-body-energy system. The mind and body are thought to be interwoven and interactive within this mind-body-energy system, which involves complex communication involving neurobiological processes, innate electrophysiology, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), consciousness, and cognitive-behavioral-emotional patterns.

Let us say that an accident victim was rushed to your ward and he or she is hysterical, maybe no wound but she can’t jut be steady because of the deep trauma she feels. Usually you will reach out for the type of injection that will help calm her down. Yes, she will calm down but the Trauma has not been removed. But if you knew which points to simply TAP on the patient, she will also calm down but without the possible side effect of the drug you gave earlier gave.

There are points in the body along pathways called meridians that when stimulated, can calm down somebody in distress. There are also Energy canters in the body called Chakras and energy envelop that protects us called Aura. These three things – meridians, Chakras, and Aura together for what we know as the Human Energy System.

The manipulation of these in various ways and by various means to achieve healing and well-being (energetic balance and harmony) is what is known as Energy Therapy. From our daily living, and with our interactions with the environment and our fellow humans and animals, we encounter all kinds of Energy both good and bad. Our thoughts, actions and words also form energetic imprints that could lead to blockages in our human Energy System. Our mental programs, belief systems and unbelief, could also cause blocks to our Energy System. Our daily experiences that result into or from traumas do cause energetic imbalances for which healing becomes necessary.

In the words of Kelley M. SCI Nurse. 2002 who wrote on  Strategies for innovative energy-based nursing practice: the Healing Touch program. “The purpose of this article is to share professional knowledge, practice, and educational opportunities related to energy-based nursing in order to broaden and improve the delivery of health care services. The holistic, theory-based approach places a patient’s perceived needs first, and cares for the human body as well as the spirit. Energy medicine is an intricate part of the patient’s expectation for health care. Watson’s transpersonal-caring-healing model is explored (Watson, 1999). This model expands the view of the person to one that embodies energy that is comprised of spirit, a universal mind, and consciousness.

Kelly also hints that “The North American Nurses Diagnosis Association (NANDA) recognizes energy therapy as an intervention representing a specific theory: human energy field theory (HEFT). This therapy is related to the approved nursing diagnosis of energy field disturbance 1.8 (NANDA, 1995/1996). Healing touch (HT) is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing that emphasizes caring for the whole person based on the HEFT. It is used in the nursing profession to influence changes in the human energy system; HT affects physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. The nursing process is evident throughout the curriculum. Nurse researchers report positive patients outcomes. The holistic nursing concept of energetic healing returns nurse professionals to the essence of nursing. Spinal cord injury (SCI) nurses will benefit by increasing their knowledge and awareness of energy therapy to increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes for persons with SCI.”

Current modalities of treatment do not easily take these things into consideration. But research has it that poverty 85% of our physical ailments are rooted in Emotional Traumas.   You can then see why we must be concerned about this and why we should embrace healing modalities that help us to address this root. This is where Energy Therapy becomes very useful.

The applications if Energy Therapy incorporates natural energetic components into the treatment process that include, but are not limited to, meridians, chakras, biofields, and bio-electrical and electromagnetic activity of the body, the nervous system and the heart. ET practitioners often combine cognitive and physical interventions with activation of one or more of the human bio-energy systems. Some practitioners focus on the way in which thought and intention are expressed in the bioenergy system, and explore the therapeutic value of precise use of language and congruent intention. ET approaches adapt and integrate easily into most psychotherapy models, healthcare orientations, and models of performance enhancement. These approaches are often exceedingly rapid, have little to no adverse effects, are usually experienced as self-empowering by clients and patients, and are easily amenable to self-help protocols.
There are now several research outcomes that confirm the efficacy of energy therapy to supported by science ad scientific findings. I will be more than prepared to refer you to these research outcomes so that you will be comfortable to discuss the modalities among your science minded colleagues who may be sceptical of the process
To do Energy Therapy or Energy Psychology, you only need to learn a couple of Techniques of TAPPING, Hands On Healing, and Intentions Healing. Other methods such as Colour healing, Music or Sound Therapy, Light Therapy and Magnets Therapy are very supportive. All these methods you can learn in Nigeria now at our GoldenRays Integrated Energy Therapy Institute here in Lagos.

Distortions in our Energy System do affect our physical health as research has demonstrated. The new field of Quantum physics, and Epigenetics have removed the doubts in this regard. As Einstein said, “everything is Energy”. And working from this perspective, we can understand more  about the human person not only from the physical body system but more importantly from the mind- body- spirit perspective which is more comprehensive.
We are all Energy healers. Some discover it earlier than others. Some shy away from accepting the fact and want to pretend that it does not exist. But our individual experiences tell us that it is of a fact. Mother’s heal their children with Energy, we heal friends when we touch to calm them down. We are always healing one another energetically. What we are saying now is that this subconscious healing we do can be done consciously with gratitude.

Healing Touch, Touch for Health, Reiki, and Yoga are known Energy Healing modalities where Nurses are active in the Western world.  Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Meridian Tapping and Chakra Stimulation Technique, Be Set Free Fast, and Tappas Acupressure Technique, are modern modalities grouped under Energy Psychology that offer speedy healing and mind transformation with so much ease, under the practice of a trained and Certified Practitioner or Master.

Enterprising and well informed Nurses in the West are embracing Energy Therapy. They are discovering it as an important strategic tool for rapid and effective healing. We are using Energy Therapy to heal simple cases as migraine, headaches, severe and chronic pains, insomnia, etc. Challenges from emotional traumas and negative feelings resulting from loss of relatives, accidents. Kidnapping, robbery, terrorism, and many others. Fears and phobias, grief, guilt feelings, anxiety, and test anxiety, etc are conditions that the Nurse of today and tomorrow, will find Energy Therapy as a strategic partner.
It is obvious that the challenge of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other conditions various find dated as incurable by conventional medicine, and those that have been variously described as idiopathic, have responded well to the administration of Energy Psychology such that the American Veteran Administration has embraced the process for the benefit of their Vets.
Some high brow hospitals in the USA are already setting the trend in the inclusion of Energy Therapy / Energy Medicine in the group of healing modalities in their drive towards providing Holistic health service to the clients and patients.
This will happen in Nigeria. Schools will need Energy Therapy Practitioners to support their counselling services to their students, organizations will need Energy Therapy Practitioners to support the health and well-being of their employees, and in promoting behaviour changes during transition periods. There is no limit to the opportunities that lie ahead of the Energy Therapy Practitioners whether they are Nurses, Medical Doctors, Counsellors, Social workers, Public Speakers, Motivational Speaker, and many others.
Again in the words of Nurse Kelly “Nurse practitioners need to better understand integrative therapeutic modalities such as energy healing, to treat and communicate with clients who may be using these therapies. This works both ways. Up until very recently, hospitals and other health care institutions found no room for holistic health on their campuses. Alternative practices were often, and unfortunately at some institutions are still viewed, as “woo-woo practices” to be performed in someone’s basement. I write this off to lack of knowledge and maybe a little reluctance to grow. Fear of the unknown can be risky, scary. However, in order to grow and progress we must take risks. If institutions aren’t willing to change on their own, they may be forced to incorporate alternative programs into their repertoire of services anyway. The public will demand it.”
I invite you to embrace this modality if health improvement which has been described as the medicine of the future, mainly Because the is no drug, no side effects, and health improvement potential is huge.

I want to stop here. And I hope I have been able to wet your appetite on this very important topic. I await your coming to study this process and to help us in the Match to hold a formidable Energy Therapy Practitioners Association in Nigeria.


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