Romance On The Ward: The Doctor-Nurse Romantic Relationship

My mum used to say you meet your spouse where you are. Even for those who met on social media, they still met their spouse on a site they belonged to. So if you don’t meet your spouse as an undergraduate, in church, at NYSC camp or PPA, at internships. You would likely meet your spouse on the ward, either as a patient who came for check up, a patient’s relative, the doctor or a laboratory technician.

Knowing that you can meet our spouse anywhere, we tend on switch on our relationship WiFi so you can get connected to single ladies or men. You also know that not all relationship leads to marriage, but what happens in the relationship affects each partners.

It is not news that nurses and doctors go into relationships with one another. Either it is a relationship heading somewhere or a relationship where it is for sexual ecstasy.

Romance on the ward might look appealing because you and your colleague have a lot in common. Especially on days your favorite doctor is on call, and lucky he turns out to be your ideal man. You get to know each other on subsequent calls, you begin to chip in things about yourself, ask questions about him.

I have seen few doctors and nurses relationship gone bad, while few in this generation have been successful. It is either the relationship was never defined at the beginning or it was defined and the doctor turned out to be engaged with another lady.

Having a romantic relationship with a doctor draws attention to you and in no time it becomes the headline on the hospital’s latest. Here are few things you should know about romance on the ward.

– Dating at work helps you get over pressures of the job. We all know how tiring nursing can be, with emergencies and funny patient. You can have tough times at work, with a patient case and your handsome doctor will turn out to be of help because of the thing going on between you two.

  – If you are in a romantic relationship with a doctor or nurse, it becomes difficult to leave work at work. You end up turning a date into a ward round discussion or turn a chat to clerking.

  – To enjoy your relationship, you must ask questions.
Could it be flirting?
Does he want something better?
Does he respect you both as his partner and a nurse?
How does he react when you argue with him on terms of a patient’s case?
What does he do when you refuse to carry out his medical plans because you feel it is not right to?

These are questions that will help you know who he is, what he is up to and how well you both can cope with your relationship alongside with work.

In case the relationship goes bad, it becomes the nurse’s shame and not the doctor’s shame. To avoid being the talked about.
  – Keep relationship at home
  – Act as colleagues at work
Don’t follow him all around during hospital hours to the point of allowing patients know that there is something going on between you.

  – Make sure you know who he is and what you are up for. If the relationship turns bad, it can be a source of sexual harassment and assault for you. If you are the one who left the relationship, he might try touching you in places you don’t like on the ward.

The beauty of love is not been talked about by other nurses in the hospital, rather having a man or woman that loves you and is ready to pull through every odds for you. A man/woman who loves will love your profession and help you achieve greater heights in it.

Do you think it is ideal to go into a relationship with a doctor in your hospital?

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