Testosterone Mishap..What Did She Do To Deserve The Battery?


Came rushing down like a collapsed dam
Bouncing violently like an untamed ram
Towards a she like an unashamed lam
Testosterone mishap, and we heard the loud bam

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This time around, are the neurons misfiring?
Or hormonal imbalance like we are hearing?
Or you just needed a punching bag for hiring?
Testosterone mishap, you must be a hireling

What did she do to deserve the battery?
We will like to know Mr Tragedy
Or it’s just another way of displaying your calamity?
Testosterone mishap, don’t create another disability

Testosterone is what men are proud of
Don’t make it look like something they need to be ashamed of
If you are not man enough, Just stop the show off
Testosterone mishap needs to be disposed of

Ogunleye Ayodeji

This is for men that perpetrate violence against women.

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