My Mother, My Nursing Heroine: Student Nurse Oluwagbemiga

Temola Oluwagbemiga is a 400L Nursing student and NUNNSA President, Achievers University, Owo, Ondo State

In this interview with Fellow Nurses Africa, he explains the challenges of being a Nursing student in a private university and how he got into Nursing through his mother.

FNA: Good day Student Nurse, Can we meet you?

Temola: My name is Oluwagbemiga Temola. A student of Achievers University Owo. I live in Ilutitun, Okitipupa LGA

FNA: What is your area of study and level?

Temola: I am a 400level student of the nursing science dept.

FNA: Why did you choose nursing?

Temola: I actually love nursing because my mum is into the profession. The way she’s dedicated to it and execute it, without doubt, she’s my nursing Heroine.

No matter how long you’ve been a nurse, the feeling of making a profound difference in someone’s life is ALWAYS awesome! Patients, family members, and friends who thank you for doing so can make it even more rewarding. No matter how bad a day at work may be, touching lives and making such a difference makes it all worth it!
Those were the things I saw through her

FNA: These are really great words.
That means you learnt a lot from your mum.
Can you then say that your mum’s passion triggered you to go for nursing?

Temola:  Exactly… She’s so hardworking and passionate about her Job… And you know, it’s not really about the salary she gets from it, but I love the accolades attached to the profession.
The joy of you seeing your works and people are really appreciating you for it

FNA: Very true.
How do you cope with the profession as a male. Most people believe nursing is a female ‘thing’
What would you say about male and nursing?

Temola: Yeah… As a student nurse anyway, I feel a bit intimidated with the nature of nursing in Nigeria, but I learnt it’s different at the other side

Well, I have heard other people telling me I should have studied medicine, but I don’t believe I should…

I really believe I’m in the right pace…and I really wanna do exploit and great with my nursing. I know what I want… So I don’t mind they feminine thought about it

FNA: You sound very confidence about yourself.
How did you scale through in the nursing department of your school to become the President of NUNSA

Temola: I pray I’m not too over confident (laughs)

FNA:  laughs

Temola: well,  I got to know about achievers university through the jingle some days to Christmas, and the school actually resumed the section around October. So after Christmas and new year, my mum and I decided to come. I presented all my credentials and I was told to go back home, that I should keep to my mail

In short, I fully resumed the section January about two weeks to test. As at then there’s only one level for nursing dept as we’re the first set
So by 100level 2nd semester, our then H. O. D spoke to the class rep, that he would like us to conduct a mini election that he wouldnt like to run a dept without student unionism. So the course rep went back and there’s was a mini election conducted, and I was chosen as the president up till date

FNA: So, you had no rival or godfather or even had to do a campaign to get elected.
It must be that you are brilliant then.

Temola: Yeah… Really I don’t have… I felt it wasn’t about being brilliant. I feel I am just graced to be the president

FNA: What do you love about nursing?

Temola: I love the history anyway, the nightingale, the deaconess phoebe, the daughters of charity of saint, theodor fliedner and his wife, and the likes
Another thing I love is the care it offers to individual and family

FNA: If you have the power to change nursing in Nigeria?
What part of nursing will you change?

Temola: Oh… I Wanted to actually address a few things. Nevertheless, the aspect of good policy making would be my main target.

Policy that will help nurses operate maximally
Proper monitoring of the hospitals where nurses operate as in senior nurses to tailor the affairs of the junior ones
Clinicians should take whole responsibility of nurses interns and student nurses at the clinical area.

FNA: How do you see nursing in Nigeria in the next 5 years?

Temola: Smiles… Well I  don’t think I have the knowledge, I’m just a 400level student. All I can do is to keep our profession in prayers and hope are were exactly or above where we ought to be🤣🤣

FNA: I observed that NUNSA Achievers Chapter is about to elect a new president.
What criteria would you advice nursing students to look out for before voting for a candidate?

Temola: Hmmmm, Unionism in a private institution 🤔. Well… I will only advice my fellow colleagues to elect a charismatic leader. That’s all

FNA: You just sounded diplomatic. Before I end this interview.
Kindly tell us what is your dream in life?

Temola: Umm I think explaining details of my dream is not an good idea. I have so many dreams, but the best of them all is to have a happy life and family.

FNA: What can you tell nursing students and aspiring nurses?

Temola: To know the reason for coming into or studying the profession. I will simply advice

FNA: Nurse Oluwagbemiga, it was nice having you on this show. We the team of FNA appreciate you a lot, and we wish you best of luck in your nursing profession

Temola: It’s my pleasure.

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