10 Types Of Nurses You Will Meet At The Hospital

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The Boss

These ones regard themselves as a Nurse Manager,love to be at the helm of every decision.Dont like to be overlooked, try to dictate work pace and doesn’t love to be directed. They are right all the time, and do not take No for an answer.

Busy but doing Nothing

These kind are always on the move, pacing up and down the ward, looking all sweaty with an oily face. You almost think they are all the work but all they have done is NOTHING. Lazy at default, make colleagues work more and cause lots of mess for others.

The Angry Nurse

Always looking annoyed, known for their offensive and defensive behavior. Like a volcano, always ready to give it to whoever steps on their toes. Colleagues,relatives and patients are afraid of getting into their trouble. They hardly wear a smile

The Hypocritical Nurse

Always looking to impress the boss even at the expense of others. Their shift are always busy, even if they met it calm. Always complaining about what others have done. No one likes to be on their shift, and they shout a lot.

The Angel

Always smiling never aggressive, ready to help others regardless of their mood or situation.the type you always want to have on your team, makes work easy for others. They don’t grumble or complain. You cant help but like them. They are also beautiful or handsome.

The Moody Nurse

Smiling now frowning later, unpredictable like a wind. Always having one personal issue or the other. The whole world is on their shoulder. Easily affected by stress, vent their mood on others. You check twice if you are duty together. They are never satisfied

The Smart Nurse

Brilliant and up to date, just like a walking text book. Always on the internet, waiting for new trends. Ready to answer questions and impact knowledge. Tidy and organized, they make a very busy shift seem so calm. Have a good sense of humor. Accommodating.

The Disorganized Nurse

Mostly hard working, but always forget to document. Make a calm shift become hectic, they need an organised colleague to cover them up. Male Nurses are mainly

The Late comer

These category of Nurses will never come early to resume work. They are always coming late and would be in hurry to close from work giving all sorts of excuses. If this type of nurse is to take over shift from you be ready to spend atleast an hour extra before she comes, late coming is in their Gene!

The Errand Nurse

These types of Nurses are good at running errands for Doctors, they can do anything to get attention and feel loved. They can sweep the whole hospital, clean everywhere cleanable. They are the ones you most likely see buying foods and drinks for Doctors even on uniform, self esteem / professionalism is far from them. They are the reason the public think Nurses are slaves to Doctors.

Now that you have known the different types of Nurses, which one are you or which one have you ever met or worked with?

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