5 Nursing Opportunities Nigerian Nurses Can Get

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Nurses lament bitterly on how there are no nursing opportunities in Nigeria, which is about 50% true.

Nursing is versatile, more versatile than medicine, yet nursing has been crippled in Nigeria. Nurses are in demand in a variety of specialisation and work settings.

Nurses can choose to specialise in different department.
  – pediatric
  –  travel
  – orthopedic
  – obstetrics
  – neurological
  – barrier nurses
  – international nurses
  – theatre nurse

Those are the most popular nursing specialization I have always heard, and seen people around get involved in.

Nursing in Nigeria is gradually becoming a thing of the misplaced priority.
Nursing has too many battles to fight, and it is lame to stand on it feet, to fight a good battle.
While a campaign is done on quackery in nursing, another war is arising between nurses and patient’s relative, then the government gives a rule that constraints nurses and the other medical team see nurses as inferior persons.

I have seen few nurses who bagged their certificate in notable schools, settle for trading. They simply put behind the nobility of the profession to sit in a shop because the pay from nursing is too small to keep their budget.

While we complain about bad government, disunity in the nursing profession and enmity between nurses and the other team mates is another thing nurses must look into.
Should I let you know that nurses have the biggest share in this problems
It is true that there are no nursing opportunities in Nigeria? Which simply means, if you are not a bedside nurse, you will be a school nurse, and that ends it.

There are different opportunities around us, that we have failed to open our eyes to.
  – Social Nurse: This type of nurse is mostly seen in advanced countries. I also believe it can happen in Nigeria, it all depends on how well you can project yourself as a nurse.

A social nurse is involved in social service. She is involved in ways to promote health around the public. These are nurses you meet at a social gathering, an event.

A social nurse can work anywhere. She can work alongside with actress, actors, musicians. She gives first aid on a movie set. She advocates for health and helps promote health safety on the movie set.

A social nurse can also be events. An event planner can have an official nurse who follows on events, she prevents hazards, gives first aid and helps save lives.

  – A corporate nurse: As a corporate nurse, you can work in companies, industries. You are not likely to dress in scrub or uniform. You give first aid in case of occupational hazards.

  – A nurse who works in nursing homes: Aside from you working in a nursing homes, you can also have your nursing homes.
Nigeria has few nursing homes and it is highly needed. There are many people who can’t cater for their old age at home, a nursing home will do.

If you choose to be a geriatric nurse, working in a nursing home will be the best place for you.

  – Sports nurse: Accident is bond to happen when sports are going on. You have to know about orthopedic nursing, with a bit of mental health. Most athletes are under drugs and likely to fight addictions at a point

  – Home service nurse: For the rich fellows in the country who would prefer to bring doctors to treat then at home. A nurse is needed in places like that. A nurse can also be the permanent nurse to an actress, actor. She is different from the nurse on the ward, though they both follow the same ethics.

With the above points, nursing can live a life of theirs if only they are determined to achieve success.
If you must get to the point of having a job like the ones I listed above, then you must start creating that opportunity for yourself now.

In my next post, I will be teaching basic ways, nurses can create opportunities for themselves.

If you get an offer to work in a nursing home, with a good pay, would you go for it?
How else should nursing opportunities be created in Nigeria?

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