Meet The Sent Nurse: Nursing Is God’s Will For Me.

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Meet Adenike Oladimeji, popularly known as The Sent Nurse. In this interview she tells us what has been keeping her going in her nursing career, and how she came about the name ‘The Sent Nurse’


FNA: Can we meet you beautiful nurse?
Nurse Oladimeji: I am Adenike Oladimeji, a registered Nurse

FNA: Where did you finish from?
Nurse Oladimeji: Bowen university teaching hospital, school of nursing.

FNA: What is your qualification?
Nurse Oladimeji: Rn, Bnsc, (in view), currently doing my degree in Obafemi Awolowo university

FNA: What state are you from?
Nurse Oladimeji: I am from Osun state

FNA: So many people know you as the sent nurse, how did you come about that name?
Nurse Oladimeji: Well, I didn’t just come about it

FNA: So what inspired the name?
Nurse Oladimeji: I didn’t study nursing because I couldn’t do something else, but, when I became born again I had a clear picture of what God wants me to do in order to fulfil the purpose he has for me.

When I am working, I do it as if I am rendering the service unto the Lord. Of course, many people/clients noticed.
A patient told me one day, God sent you to us.

As if that’s not enough when I was frustrated about the kind of treatment nurses are being given and the thought of quitting came to my mind, God told me, “I have called you and sent you to deliver those in the bondage of sickness, you cant quit now”

I knew it immediately, I have been called and sent to carry out an assignment. So I decided to activate it on every of my profile

FNA: Aside nursing, what else do you do?
Nurse Oladimeji: Emotional intelligence coaching, health coaching, beauty business and I blog

FNA: Sounds interesting, did you develop your interest in these things after you became a nurse?
What inspired these ideas?
Nurse Oladimeji: I have always been a business person, (I sold cosmetics when I was in school ).

Writing and giving information has always been my hobby even before I became a registered nurse. I learnt that information is power and you can prevent a couple of things if you have adequate information so, that’s my motivation.

FNA: You are a team member of Fellow Nurses Africa.
How did you join FNA?
Nurse Oladimeji: Yea, I am. I love to contribute towards nursing rebranding , so when I was contacted by Oluwatosin to join, I didn’t think it twice.

FNA: Great
What would you say about nursing in Nigeria?
Nurse Oladimeji: Nursing in Nigeria is still crawling, it needs a lot of upgrades. But thank God for we the young ones… Nursing in Nigeria is a work in progress

FNA: What specifically do you like about nursing?
Nurse Oladimeji: The fact that I can contribute to promotion of health, prevention of illness and aid recovery or nurse to peaceful death is amazing. It is fulfilling 🙏

FNA: If you have the opportunity to change an aspect of nursing in Nigeria, what will that be, and how will you change it?
Nurse Oladimeji: Involving Nurses in healthcare policy making, by actively participating in politics, and mobilizing other nurses to join

FNA: One of the things nursing  in Nigeria is battling with, is the fact that the public see nurses are inferior persons, they see nurses as very harsh professionals and promiscuous individuals. What would you say concerning this?

Nurse Oladimeji: Because it is a female dominating profession, The ancient nurses, (senior colleagues ), brought culture and religion into it, (man/husband is the head if the family), and because many of them married doctors they did a lot of “yes sir“, carrying gallipots around, files around and following them like inferior or juniors in the ward. Of course, patients on admission would have seen that and would pass the gist on to another person hence the general public got to believe that.

Basically, lack of professionalism!!!
Lack of professionalism is one of the reasons they say we are harsh too, and the fact that nurses are overworked stressed and sometimes frustrated, (they take the heat of almost everything in the hospital), and the harsh treatment of patients.

What I will say is that Nurses should maintain a high level of professionalism at all times, get good communication skills, interpersonal skills and emotional an intelligence skill.
I hope I am not talking too much.

FNA: Not at all. How do you see nursing in 5 years?
Nurse Oladimeji: If we all get good academic qualifications, get involved in politics, ace our professionalism game, i see us taking grounds.

FNA: What are your goals in life?
Nurse Oladimeji: Know God more, be strong, do exploits, (fulfil purpose ), and make heaven.

FNA: What is your advice to young nurses and aspiring nurses?
Nurse Oladimeji: Whatever you find your hands doing, be diligent as if you are doing it for God. Equip yourself professionally and academically. Get involved.

FNA: We the team of FNA really appreciate your responses and time. Thank you.

We wish you best of luck in your career and journey as the sent nurse.

Nurse Oladimeji: My pleasure.

You can follow Nurse Oladimeji on her social media platforms

Instagram: @thesentnurse

Facebook: Adenike Oladimeji Thesentnurse

Twitter: @thesentnurse

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