“NMCN has failed Nigerians and its Nurses”- mixed reactions trail upward review of council verification fees

Barely few hours to the release of the circular from the nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria indicating an upward review of the licenses verification fees from #8700 to #53,500, Nigerian nurses had taken over various social media platforms to communicate their displeasure about the development.
Below are some of the reactions to the development:

@Bodunde:  This is the part of the evidence that our leaders care less about our welfare but money! Imagine increasing verification fee from #8700 to #53,500

@merry : please what does this verification fees mean? I am not yet educated to that level of English, can someone please speak the language I understand before I start my ranting?
@Obasi : I think part of the problem is that we are always careful not to wash our dirty lines in public, it is high time we started exposing their gross incompetence and lack of foresight to the general  public.
@tunde: it is no longer nursing council but money council.
@ dessy: Nurses earn less in all spheres but pay more in all spheres, university education , they pay more, SOM/SON , they pay more .
@nrs Hilary: this is an evil policy, they saw the way nurses are leaving Nigeria to countries where they are loved and appreciated, and NMCN is now trying to restrict them by increasing the amount of verification of documents by 6 times the previous amount.
@~~~: Now I see they don’t want us to leave the country for them, no wonder they increased the verification fees. Nevertheless, we will still find our way.

@Nrs kethz: this is ridiculous, increasing verification fees from #8700 to #53500. Not double, not triple simply because they are aware nurses are now leaving the country in turns daily in search of greener pastures. What exactly are they verifying? NMCN has failed Nigerians and her nurses.
@hillary: the government is coming up with evil policies every day, instead of NMCN to think of how they will fight and eradicate quacks flooding the profession daily, they won’t do that. What is important to them is to help federal govt. generate money.

@susan: it is pathetic how nursing associations are always eager to milk us dry, yet, they will never make working conditions favorable. How can you make such an outrageous increase when you know that 80% 0f nurses do not earn up to that? I weep for this profession.
@austin : this is unbelievable ,why is that Nigerians in position of authorities are out of sync with reality? Have they ask to know how much nurses are paid in private, public and mission hospitals? In Some states nurses are owed salaries of 3 to 10 months. How long will it take a Nigerian nurse to save and be able to pay such amount? Why can’t good news come from Nigeria especially from government agencies? God help us.
@fellownurses: 1.an average Nigerian nurse is jobless. 2. Quacks are killing Nigerians on a daily basis.3.Nursing practices in Nigeria is no longer in line with the ICN recommendation 4. No meaningful development in nursing education. NMCN IS WATCHING AS IF ALL IS WELL, THIS IS TOO BAD.

@Newnurse coach: apart from issuing license what other thing do they do? I really need to be enlightened on that… How are they making sure nurses are cared for and paid well? What do they do when there’s a complaint from a nurse? They need to start telling us oo.
@Emu-VOKE: why is nursing council making things difficult for nurses? Why na? in this economy? There are other pressing problems that need to be attended to by nmcn. This increment is a no no.

Do you think this is the best decision NMCN can make at this particular time?
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