Meet The Founder Of NJO, How He Started And What Has Kept Him Going

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Meet the founder of Nursing Job Opportunities, Nurse Abiodun Oluwatobi. In this interview he talks of what prompted him to embark on this nursing journey and how he created NJO, which is today the number one platform in Nigeria that helps nurses in their careers. 
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FNA: Can we meet you?
Mr Abiodun: Abiodun Oluwatobi is my Name. I’m a registered Emergency Nurse cum American Heart Association Instructor

FNA: What school did you finish from?
Mr Abiodun: Did my general Nursing at Sacred Heart Hospital School of Nursing, Lantoro Abeokuta. And my specialised training at National Orthopedic Hospital Igbobi Lagos.

FNA: What prompted you to embark on this nursing journey?
Mr Abiodun: My Dad actually did encouraged me too. He was treated by a Male Nurse at  the hospital and he made some enquires on my behalf. Prior to my school admission I never knew they were Male Nurses, but I loved the idea sold to me then that I can easily become a doctor after the training. I’m glad I started the journey, so far it been rewarding.

FNA: This is encouraging, what has been the challenges you have faced so far in this journey?
Mr Abiodun: Challenges are must encounter in life. The important thing is for one to have the capacity to overcome and learn from them.

FNA: How do you cope with patients who try to address you as a medical doctor or patients who think you chose the wrong course?
Mr Abiodun: Have encountered many of them to mention a few.
Stereotype been a male Nurse, Poor remuneration, Quackery etc.
This is unavoidable most especially in developing environment. I let them know I’m a specialist in my profession not only by words but actions.

FNA: What is it like to be part of the American Heart Association?
Mr Abiodun: Been part of the instructor Network is mentally tasking as you have to be updated and learned. I need to mention also that it financially rewarding and not fixed. They are always room to learn more. I have been opportuned to meet other professionals instructors and travel beyond my comfort zone for training.

FNA: There are several opportunities that young nurses can participate in,  but some of them don’t know them and for those who know it,  they don’t know how to go about it
What is your take on this?
Mr Abiodun: Yes they’re many opportunities, but location/exposure can be barrier sometimes.

FNA: What inspired you to create NJO?
Mr Abiodun: Many times I’m asked this question I think back to the day I created the 1at group. It was a vivid Sunday afternoon.
Truth is that I created it out of desperation for information and ensuring my colleagues would have assessed to them Asap. But only God can inspire one to that capacity.

FNA: When did you create NJO and how has the journey been so far?
Mr Abiodun: Dec 4th 2016. It has been two years. I would lie if i say it been good News all through, but I must say have learnt massively, gain amazing opportunities and the highlight of it is when Nurses share the Good News with me that they got a job or opportunities. We’re the first of its kind for Nigerian Nurses and we birthed others. Many thinks to NJO Nurses.

FNA: Wow,  this is inspiring. What are the three lessons you will teach nurses who intend to go into entrepreneurship?
Mr Abiodun: 1. Start with what you have.
2. Start small.
3. Start Now!

FNA: If you have the opportunity to change anything in nursing?
What will it be?
Mr Abiodun: Change the fact that RNs will spend at least 3-5years to obtain BSN in Nigeria.

FNA: What is you take on the use of social media and nurses?
Mr Abiodun: I encourage many of my peers to harness social media opportunities. With a phone connected to the internet, you have the world at your fingertip. That the older generation didn’t have.

FNA: What would you advise young nurses?
Mr Abiodun: I would advise my peers to;
1. Have multiple sources of income.
2. Invest heavily on themselves.
3. Make positive use of social media to harness there potentials.
4. Think outside the box.

FNA: Thank you sir for honoring this interview
We the team of FNA really appreciate you
Mr Abiodun: Thanks.

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