I was invited to talk to some nurses this week, on the topic of personal branding as related to nurses.

A lot of nurses do not believe in the significance of having a brand or having an online appearance. When personal branding is mentioned, a large portion of nurses imagines logos and TV ads, unknown to them that they are their own brand.


Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room – remember that. And more importantly, let’s discover why!

– Chris Ducker

Personal branding gives people an impression about who you are and how you handle your clients.

Nurses can be visible and effective in the health care industry if they identify and cultivate their strengths.

What is the essence of personal branding on nurses?
Joyce is a double qualified nurse, she finds it irritating to ask her patients about her lifestyle outside the hospital walls. Though, she has a school of thought that nurses should avoid stalking their patients in the name of taking history. She loves to talk, and smile a lot. She is sometimes referred to as Miss Smiley.

Joyce was part of the nurses I taught in my last webinar, and she is ready to work on her personal branding. How should she go about it?

Personal branding is a feeling and not a logo, or company’s name. You’re a brand on your own. Your first and last name as your company’s name while your attitude and hobbies are your selling points.

Joyce loves to smile, though she hates to ask some unnecessary questions, she enjoys building a long-lasting relationship with her patients.
Joyce’s ability to build relationships is obviously her unique selling points, and if she intends owning her home care service, that will be an advantage.

Steps to follow
1. Like Joyce, you have to understand what makes you different from other nurses.
Is it your smile?
The way you handle your patient’s hygiene?
The way you health educate them?
Whatever it is that makes you different, is enough for you.

2. Give meaning to nursing
Aside from Virginia Henderson’s meaning of Nursing, give meaning to nursing.
Do you see nursing a form of taking away the pain of someone?
Do you see it as a means of impacting lives?
Do you believe in the stereotypes concerning nursing?
Your meaning of nursing will help you find your path.

3. Find out what else you are good at aside nursing?
I have always said if I were not a nurse, I would be a lecturer; or a journalist; or an artist. I love art, and I appreciate it.
I also think and feel I can stretch myself more to learn more or get a certificate as regards the above career or professions.
What do you enjoy doing aside nursing?
Do you like to write?
Do you like to sing?
Do you like to paint?
Your hobbies are the object you have in your hand.

4. Develop yourself in your area of interest
I didn’t add that if I were not a nurse, I would be a writer. I am actually a writer and a nurse. Writing is my area of interest, and I do all in my power to evolve in the course of my interest.
Take a sheet of paper and write out the things you have an interest in. Pick the one with your highest interest and love, make research on it, ask questions, get books related to your interest.

5. Find successful persons in your course of interest
Most times I advise people to find both successful and unsuccessful persons. You check why the unsuccessful failed, and why the successful remained.
Studying both parties will help you discover the likely challenges on the course of your interest and how to avoid them.

6. Pay keen attention to leaders
Personal branding is an essential part of leadership. Every leader has a uniqueness. Study and understand how leaders manage their time and followers, how they make use of their authority and learn from it.

7. Know the right tools for you
Make a research on the tools meant for your course of interest.
Google is a good place to find all the answers to your questions.

8. Capitalize on your self-confidence
Whatever you intend to build or work on, your self-confidence is important. You cannot be anything if you don’t see yourself in the light of it.

There is a model of personal branding.
1. Evaluate your goals and values
2. Create your vision
3. Know your strength, weakness, threats, and opportunities
4. Know your audience
5. Brand yourself!

If you can follow the above process, building a brand with this model is simple and easy.

The summary is never limit yourself. There are opportunities you will get that will be beyond your nursing career or jobs, some will come as a result of personal branding.