Have been out of school going to three years now and I haven’t gotten a job! This country is bad! Do this sentence relate to you? In this article, am going to give you some WhatsApp groups for Nursing jobs.

Do you belong to any Nursing WhatsApp group?

FYI, job advertisers send their nursing jobs advertisements to these WhatsApp groups. It is from there, the adverts can be shared individually which might be too late before it gets to you.

If you do not belong to any nursing group, you may not know what is really happening in some part of this country as a nurse as far as nursing jobs is concerned.

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There are testimonies of people who got their dream jobs via a nursing WhatsApp group. You too can be lucky.

Don’t forget, you can’t be lucky doing nothing!

WhatsApp groups for Nursing Jobs in Nigeria

1). Nurses jobs and Opportunities (NJO)

NJO was founded by Nurse Abiodun Oluwatobi couple of years ago. The WhatsApp group has close to 13 subgroups (you know what that means) to dish out latest Nursing job updates to its members. There are also some interview tips and question and answer session. Click here to Chat Nrs Abiodun up on WhatsApp.

NOTE: Strictly for Registered Nurses!

WhatsApp groups for nursing jobs
2). Health information corner (HIC)

HIC was founded by Nrs Princewill Aghedo and some other Registered nurses. HIC is majorly for nursing jobs adverts and health news. You can also find job adverts on Health Information corner webpage which was created specifically for Nursing and other health professional jobs. You can join this group as Nurse, medical doctor, CHEW, Pharmacist etc. Click here to chat with Princewill.

3). XBI Medical jobs

XBI jobs was created by Adekunle Charles Gold out of his passion to share latest medical job adverts with people as far as possible. XBI medical job has a blog. Click here to read latest job updates from XBI. To join its WhatsApp groups, contact him via the blog.

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4). Medical locum Jobs Nigeria

This WhatsApp group is for both medical doctors and RNs and other health professionals. To join the group, click here

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5). Fellow Nurses Africa

At FNA, we also share Nursing job updates to our esteem members. Remember to subscribe to this blog and receive latest job updates and other nursing tips. Click here to join our latest group.

I just gave you WhatsApp groups for nursing jobs I belong to and I believe these groups will help you with latest job vacancies and adverts. The earlier you get them, the better.

Do you know of any other WhatsApp groups for nursing jobs? Please endeavor to share.