As difficult as it seems, I am delighted to socially display the candor of some nurses and of course the quest to making a difference even in this our present day nursing and in our rickety country where nothing works .

Nrs. Owajoba Olayinka

This brings me to the story of this perioperative nurse, Owajoba yinka, a deplomate of perioperative nursing school university teaching hospital. She was fortunate to secure a job at a private hospital in Lagos with a mouth watering salary, she was so happy and was almost concluding that it was time for her academic hard work to pay off. On this very day she was to resume as the theater manager of the hospital, she received a call from the human resource personal , and she quickly dash down to her office to see what the case may be . she was so surprised as the HR said to her, ” you shall be training Four other staffs in the fundamentals of the operating theater ” this is to make your ur job easy and of course to lessen your job as they improve in the training as well. It donned on her that it was a tricky way of selling her life, profession off to quacks who do not even have the basic nursing education. And she determined not to train any quack , so she was left with the option of either to train them or to resign and behold she took the bold step for the sake of the profession, she resigned and it seems the earth will fall as she became financially stranded. But not long, a month later she got a beautiful job with a better pay and a better working environment and better working condition.

Dear nurses, we can still take this decision for nursing’s sake and redeem nursing image even in the face of intimidation.

Written by Adebayo seun

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