What I Learnt From 2nd International Nursing And Midwifery Leadership Conference By Lead Nurse Africa – Suliyat Olawuwo

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So, I attended the 2nd International Nursing and Midwifery Leadership Conference by Lead Nurse Africa which held in Accra, Ghana. Internalizing my experience, this is my bring home for fellow nursing students.

A thread!

Advocacy for the inclusion of nurses in healthcare policymaking is on the rise. And the negative image of nursing is one of the identified barriers.

As nursing students, we can begin changing this image in our own little way. But first, we have to equip ourselves. You can’t give what you don’t have

By consciously seeking personal development, we increase our chance of projecting our profession in the best light of what it truly is…

Attending capacity building programmes, joining organizations and active volunteering has a cumulative effect of honing our interpersonal and communication skills alongside other leadership qualities. The end result is improving assertiveness and confidence.

With these, we are better prepared to handle complex situations professionally in clinical settings and form a good nurse-client relationship that improves the quality of care received by patients and ultimately promote the image of Nursing.

According to WHO, Nurses account for nearly 50% of the healthcare workforce and hence, has a huge role to play in achieving HealthForAll.

It is high time nursing student started expanding their capacity for effectiveness in leadership roles and processes

With the global change being championed by @nursingnow2020, the status of nursing is set to take a leap. As nursing students, we must be prepared to meet this change and not be caught unaware.

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By Suliyat Olawuwo

Twitter: @dolapsyolawuwo

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