No matter where You Graduated From, The Nursing license made Us All Registered Nurses – Mercy Mary.

Nrs. Otoijaghale Mercy Mary is the founder and CEO of Nurses lecture room, a platform for grooming Nurses for their NMCN professional examinations. In this interview with Fellow Nurses Africa, she talks about her journey into nursing profession, her passion and what’s kept her going.

FNA: Good day Ma, May we meet you?

Otoijaghale Mercy: My name is Otoijaghale Mercy Mary, a registered nurse with the nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria. I am the CEO of nurses lecture room, a platform where we post consistently, timely, valid and easily interpreted lecture notes to our viewers and subscribers. I am
a resourceful, flexible, fun, prolific and creative individual who seeks new opportunities of contributing positively, increasing productivity and delivering efficient services and results. I am a believer and motivational speaker who is passionate about corporate networking, developing new ideas, community development and impacting lives through teaching.

Educational background

I attended Christ foundation nursery and primary school. I attended Mount Carmel secondary school Ekpoma Edo state. My nursing education was in Ambrose alli university Ekpoma Edo state.

FNA: How did you find your way into nursing?

Otoijaghale Mercy: Caring and showing empathy are things I grew up to appreciate as part of my core values. Though I did not apply for nursing, my university made me realize what I was called to be. My university gave me nursing and they gave me the best gift ever. Thanks to Ambrose Alli University for that.

FNA: You said your university gave you nursing, how has the journey been so far?

Otoijaghale Mercy: My journey so far has been challenging because you will agree with me that nursing is not an easy road to pass through, but growing up I learnt to see the positive side of things and see them as a stepping stone to become stronger and better.

FNA: What inspired you to create nurses’ lectture room?

Otoijaghale Mercy: My passion for academics and teaching inspired me to create the page nurses lecture room.

FNA: When did you create nurses’ lecture room?

Otoijaghale Mercy: October 2017, but the WhatsApp classes started February 2018

FNA: How has the journey been so far and Where did you get the idea to start the classes?

Otoijaghale Mercy: Journey so far has been challenging and demanding on my part. Getting volunteers to assist with the lectures daily has been difficult, but getting positive comments after their professional exams is really motivating and encouraging for nurses lecture room to do more.

FNA: I am quite sure, many will be so curious about how you started this as an undergraduate?
I mean you were yet to write your professional exams when you created the platform?

Otoijaghale Mercy: Found out that most student find it difficult to read after clinical posting and classes so to make learning easy for them with the use of their phone I created the forum to ensure that they read a particular disease condition a day, so there is no excuse of been too lazy to go to the table to read because they can read while trying to get some rest. Actually nurses lecture room helped me prepare for my exams a lot because I was programmed by myself to read and share lectures daily. While preparing for my exams last year November, I prepared 282 students for nursing council examination with voice note, the fact is the more you teach, the more you learn.

FNA: That is impressive. I saw an advert of your app?
I must say you just created a milestone for yourself, Can you tell nurses more about your app?

Otoijaghale Mercy: The Zeal to increase the percentage of pass in the general nursing exam lead to the development of simple nursing application on play store which contains more than 200 lecture notes, 1800 objective questions and more than 200 past theory questions. With the application you can read and learn extensively.

FNA: How do you see nursing in Nigeria?
Otoijaghale Mercy: Nursing in Nigeria is not really encouraging but I want all nurses and nursing student to know that there is more to nursing than the four walls of the hospital.

FNA: How do you see yourself in the next 5years?

Otoijaghale Mercy: The journey has already begun,in the next 5years I see myself as one of the top 5 best online lecturers.I would have created a lot of videos to make learning easy and fun for nursing student and also author at least 3books for nurses

FNA: There are a lot of strife going on between university nurses and SON nurses. SON graduates think university graduate do not know so much of ethics and vice versa. What would you say to this?

Otoijaghale Mercy: Rather than getting worried about the SON and university graduate crisis, I think we as nurses/Nursing students should focus on capacity building program. No matter where you graduated from, the license made us all registered nurses. So it is time to build ourselves and forget about things that don’t matter

FNA: You have a great ambition. Keep soaring. Where do you see nursing in Nigeria in 5 years?

Otoijaghale Mercy: If we don’t change our mindset and thinking, nursing will be static, but if we evolve with the modern innovation and technology along side with proper leadership training for our leaders transformation in nursing will take place.

FNA: Do you count yourself as a nursing entrepreneur?

Otoijaghale Mercy: Yes I do. I count myself as a nurse entrepreneur because I am self employed by selling my intellectual property.

FNA: What would you advise nurses who would like to go into entrepreneurship?
Otoijaghale Mercy: If you want to become an entrepreneur, seek knowledge, skills, ideals that are needed to become an entrepreneur. If you want to become an entrepreneur focus more on the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The process is more important that the goal itself.

Interview with Mercy Mary

FNA: What do you think about nurses giving clapback on social media?
Otoijaghale Mercy: It is not necessary. I think we as nurses should focus more on capacity building and increasing in knowledge because knowledge makes the difference. If we build ourselves, the public will do the clapback on our behalf.

FNA: What do you have to say about the rise of different nursing organisation. The likes of NJO, Nurses forum, fellow nurses. What do you have to say about this and What advise would you give those who have taken their time to create such organizations?

Otoijaghale Mercy: It is a good start that nurses are taking over the social media for a positive reason. So I encourage them to continue their good work and they should collaborate with each other because United we stand, divided we fall.

FNA: How do you work with your passion, and other aspect of your life?
Otoijaghale Mercy: My passion is teaching and singing. They are both life to me.

FNA: Is there anything the public should be expecting from nurses lecture room soon?

Otoijaghale Mercy: Smile. There is a plan to partner with lead nurse Africa but it has not been officially signed out.

FNA: Who is your mentor?
Otoijaghale Mercy: That is a big question for me. I Will answer that some other time.

FNA: Hmm… So let’s just assume you are yet to find a mentor?
Otoijaghale Mercy: Smiles.

FNA: For now, is nurses lecture room meant for only council exams?  Can post graduate nurses or post basic nurses benefit from your classes?
Otoijaghale Mercy: We have both undergraduate, graduates, post graduates on the group. But our special classes that is paid for are for students preparing for council exam

FNA: How can nurses join your group?
Otoijaghale Mercy: Send a message to me on 08123719105 along side with their names and schools.

FNA: How do you pick those who lecture on your platform?
Do you just accept anyone who volunteers or you pick them yourself?

Otoijaghale Mercy: volunteer lectures are screened properly before approval.

FNA: Thank you so much Nurse Otoijaghale for honouring this interview. We the team of Fellow Nurses Africa appreciate you and wish you greater things in your endeavors.

Otoijaghale Mercy: You are welcome.

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