For How Long Shall Nurses Continue With These Demoralizing Ways Of Treating Young Ones?

It was just like a movie yesterday when the Provost College of nursing and Midwifery, Eleyele Ibadan, Oyo State, Mrs Gbonjubola Owolabi ordered the students nurses to carry their hoes and cutlasses and start cutting grasses.

According to her the newly sworn-in Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde will be coming to the school to commission a project and for her to score cheap political points, the student nurses must clear all the bushes around to ensure the school environment is neat.

All attempts by the SUG of the institution to appeal to her and make her reverse this abusive order proved abortive. At a point, she was quoted saying that it is either the students have the bushes cleared or risk having extra years in the course of their program. On hearing this, the helpless student nurses took their cutlasses and started cutting the grasses while putting on their nursing uniforms.

Reports from credible sources revealed that this isn’t the first time Mrs Gbonjubola Owolabi will be engaging students in this demoralizing activities. During the 70th anniversary celebrations of the institution, this was how the provost mandated the student nurses to go in search of sponsors for the event or risk being punished.


It is demoralizing and disheartening that at this crucial point when the whole world health community is focused on raising the standard of nurses, Some nursing leaders have resorted to using their offices to intimidating and enslaving the young generations of nurses that are supposed to be mentored as a true future of the nursing profession.

The way Student nurses are trained during the course of their academic pursuits goes a long way in building or killing their self esteem. No wonder a lager percentage till tomorrow will remain timid and never be able to speak up even at the sight of oppression and intimidation.

Nothing last forever, no position is permanent.
Every of our actions and in-actions today become history tomorrow.
HRH Oba ( Nrs.) Owoeye will forever be remembered for his heroic legacies.

Dr Mrs Victoria Hamsat Gowon will forever be remembered for raising the standard of Nigerian Nursing profession.

Florence Nightingale will forever be remembered as the mother of mother n Nursing.

What would you be remembered for?

Watch the video of student nurses cutting grass on our facebook page below:-

– Nrs. Oluwatosin Kehinde Odunayo

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  1. This act is uncalled for, how long will this act continue,if the premier school of nursing can still enforce it on her students to involve in cutting of grasses then what is the future of nursing in Nigeria.

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