Retired Matron Blast Nurses working two places

Help Save Our Private Hospital Nurses Who Aren't Working Presently

During our days, we did nursing with passion. worked by the precept of the profession. When I was on night shift, everybody leaves me to rest so that I can work all through the night.

This days, you see someone who’s on night duty going to work somewhere else, definitely that type of a nurse is not ready for the night shift. The likelihood is that they get to work and start sleeping. Patients are abandoned – Retired Matron.

Watch the full video below:-

3 thoughts on “Retired Matron Blast Nurses working two places”

  1. Woman can’t you go and rest? Do you complain about the doctors who work in various places? Don’t be a witch to the nurses still in service. I thank God who brought your retirement! Wicked old Nurse! “during my own time” my foot! How come nobody heard nor read about your hard work in the Nursing profession? Go and rest woman!

    1. Don’t mind her, during my time,during my time, that is how these old nurses kept us where we are today. She is happy she retired with less than 300k even as a chief of nursing while other health professionals take home 300k from the start point

  2. As important as our job is in a hospital, nothing to show, why won’t nurses do two jobs, are foreign nurses that are even better paid not doing two jobs?
    If u don’t do 2 jobs, u can’t even do anything in life, u retire and and open a chemist shop with 3 bottles of faded paracetamol. Shame on this retired matron, every medical personal does different job as far as ur strength can carry, why is nurse own going viral

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