Comfort Akaehie, is a registered nurse midwife, and naturalist. She is the co-founder of Every Mother Matters Healthcare Limited, and Primadonna Naturals. In this interview she talks about her business, and what entrepreneurship is all about. Enjoy! 

FNA: Please introduce yourself (your name, occupation, and educational background).

Comfort Akaehie: My name is Comfort Akaehie (a.k.a Queen Amaka), a Registered Nurse Midwife with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. I am the CEO/Co-founder of Every Mother Matters Healthcare Limited, and Primadonna Naturals. My Midwifery and Nursing education was in Medical University Varna, Bulgaria, and School of Nursing Mater Misericordiae Afikpo, Ebonyi State.

FNA: What inspired you to choose nursing?
Comfort Akaehie: I’ve wanted to be a Nurse Midwife for as long as I can remember. The nurses and midwives I had encountered were not only concerned with providing physical care, but they were the epitome of inner beauty, a tremendous source of comfort to me and the weary souls around. I desired to be that comfort for other people.

FNA: What is your greatest challenge since you joined nursing?
Comfort Akaehie: Attitudes of senior nurses over young and student nurses

FNA: Is there any special reason why you chose to be a midwife?

Comfort Akaehie: There are; but in a nutshell to use my knowledge, skills and professional behaviours to support moms and moms-to-be competently; that, in turn, protects and promotes the health and wellbeing of society.

FNA: A lot of nurses, especially bedside nurses, find it difficult to launch their ideas and start entrepreneurship. Do you think bedside nurses can become amazing entrepreneurs?

Comfort Akaehie: Yes, apart from giving injections, nurses can also be great entrepreneurs in other to impact lives and have access to secondary sources of income.

FNA: How do you think bedside nurses can balance their shift with passion or ideas?
Comfort Akaehie: Well! It depends on individual capacity. Talk about it next time

FNA: What inspired you to embark on your entrepreneurship journey?
Comfort Akaehie: The desire to create solutions to women’s health issues in Nigeria and African at large.

FNA: Has nursing as a profession ever affected you negativity, as an entrepreneur.
Comfort Akaehie: No! The nursing field is my ladder.

FNA: Where do you work presently?
Comfort Akaehie: I’m self-employed.

FNA: I used to think nursing is a very jealous profession, I believed as a nurse, you can’t be involved in the media space. For instance, a nurse cannot be a model, an actress or actor, a fashionista. Recently, there is a revolution, although some people are still stuck. What do you think of this?

Comfort Akaehie: We were on the same page, but now there is a revolution so we ought to move along. Follow your instinct and impact lives positively.

FNA: Tell us about your company

Comfort Akaehie: Every Mother Matters Healthcare Limited is a non-emergency women’s health digital clinic which curbs the excuse of inability to get expert advice and helps women and their families get solutions to their health and beauty challenges; no matter their geographical location, religion, tribe or socioeconomic background. Every Mother Matters accepts collaborations with hospitals, Pharmacy stores, laboratory, and diagnostic centers for patient referrals. Whereas Primadonna Naturals; is Africa’s haircare brand which addresses common hair problems; excellent for women, men, kids, natural, transitioning and chemically treated hair since 2014.

FNA: Do you have any award, achievement you are proud of, and you will like to share with other nurses?
Comfort Akaehie: I’ve got no award for now.
My passion and desire to help others is moving me to excellence. The personal connection I have with my clients as a nurse entrepreneur is a lifetime achievement, and I’m proud of my God-given creative mind.

FNA: If you have to change anything about nursing in Nigeria, what will that be?
Comfort Akaehie: In a nutshell, I will unify nursing education. Move all post-basic courses to university.

FNA: What are your hobbies and what do you do during your leisure time?
Comfort Akaehie: Surf the net

FNA: What is your role model?
Comfort Akaehie: Smile. I don’t have just one; I can give you a list next time.

FNA: For those interested in your products, how can they get it?
Comfort Akaehie: Place an order via, call/WhatsApp +234 (0)81 663 5433 or send a message through our Twitter, Instagram/Facebook handle: @primadonnanaturals

FNA: Can we get a sneak peek into the future?
Comfort Akaehie:Smile. The future is NOW.

FNA: Where do you see nursing in 5 years?
Comfort Akaehie:Nursing is a very steady career, and entrepreneur nurse is a growing reality. In the next five years, many nurses will not want to spend more time at the hospital.

FNA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Comfort Akaehie: Well, I’m excited to be a nurse entrepreneur, an expert in the beauty and healthcare sector

FNA: Are your hair products mainly for natural hair?
Comfort Akaehie:No. they are suitable for all hair types and textures.

FNA: On entrepreneurship, so many nurses are stuck. They don’t know what to do and how to start. Majority believe there are no opportunities in Nigeria. What will you say to this?

Comfort Akaehie:With the wealth of knowledge and experience many nurses and midwives have, they could become successful entrepreneurs. If you want to be a nurse entrepreneur and you possess the skills but don’t know where to start, feel free to join me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @comfortakaehie for a private discussion and more.

FNA: What is your definition of entrepreneurship?
Comfort Akaehie: Think. Research. Design. Organize. Launch. Manage. Collaborate.

FNA: What will you advise an aspiring nurse?
Comfort Akaehie: Not everyone is cut out to be a nurse or nurse entrepreneur, and to be a nurse is not all about bedside nursing; pursue activities directly related to your dream. You’ll get there.

FNA: Your final words
Comfort Akaehie: It’s a great time to be a nurse entrepreneur in Nigeria and elsewhere. If you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur; the time to finally take action is now! Don’t think less of yourself so you can help yourself and help others.