Letter to the government in memory of late Nurse Justina Ejelonu, who died an heroic death while treating Ebola patient “Dr Patrick Sawyer

Nurse Justina Ejelonu

Bleeding from inside out
Feeling pain and headache
Sound of siren
Infeted with a deadly virus.
A hemorrhagic and terminal disease called Ebola.

Worried on recovery.
Placed on VSV-EBOV,
A ninty-five percent, ebola virus killer.
Changed her gloves and overall,
But still feels the hitch,
She’s infected.

Sounds of siren again.
First to treat an ebola patient successful in Nigeria.
But lost her life in the process.
What an hero ‘be celebrated.
But what’s the aftermath?
She’s forgotten, as a flame.
Her memorial of no regard.
And her service of no reward.

My heart breaks and pants,
Because am a witness to this,
And my heart bleeds.
Our dear government.
Our seal of authority and order.

We’ve seen your showmanship in other sectors,
And we believe you’ll do better with us.
We plea for the appraisal of our letter,
That our forgotten hero,
Shouldn’t be forgotten.
But be rewarded and celebrated.
That the labour of our hero’s past,
Shall not be in vain.
Letter to the Government.

#Happy world humanitarian day


© Nurse Olaleye Jemimah (Co-founder, Pink Salt Initiative)