Nigerian-born Nurse, Uzoma Asagwara elected into Canadian parliament



Nigerian-born Nurse, Uzoma Asagwara elected into Canadian parliament

A Nigerian-born nurse Uzoma Asagwara has been elected as a lawmaker into the Manitoba legislative Assembly in Canada.


Asagwara, a psychiatric nurse and community activist, was announced as the winner of Manitoba’s Union Station riding on Tuesday, making Asagwara the first Black, queer woman in the legislature, reports CTV.

She is also one of three Black people to have been elected into the 150-year parliament.

Speaking on her victory, Asagwara said, “This is a historic moment for our team and our communities.”

Asagwara said that being one of the first Black Member of the Legislative Assembly elected in Manitoba was “wonderful…incredible,” and a “sign that folks are really making sure that our elected officials reflect the communities they serve.”

Kicking off her campaign in August, Asagwara who played for the Canadian National Basketball team tweeted on her official handle, “The election has officially been called and Sept 10th is only a few weeks away! I’m running to make sure Union Station is represented by a progressive and compassionate MLA with deep roots in our community.”

11 thoughts on “Nigerian-born Nurse, Uzoma Asagwara elected into Canadian parliament”

  1. This is a great news for me. Nurses and Nursing globally is making tremendous progress. Nigeria is equally not left behind. Kudos to innovative, creative, younger generation of nurses in the media.

  2. Congratulations Nursing is a Noble Profession thank you for making Nigeria Nurses proud God will give you wisdom to pilot the afair of the Post given to you.God bless you.

  3. Congratulations to her, may God increase her knowledge, wisdom and understanding, our tenure will be a remarkable one,In Shaa Allah bikudiratullah

  4. I’m very optimistic that this noble profession will never be relegated. Crowning a nurse internationally to the 150-years parliament speaks volumes. My advice to us all is to be consistent and mentain integrity.

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