Are you a Nigerian Nurse with a reputable offline business? Do you know ways your businesses can be in front of MILIONS of internet users? In this article, you will learn 5 simple ways you can take your business online and get local customers without spending a dime.

See this simple illustration.

I am a newly registered nurse who just moved in to Lekki, Lagos state. After struggling with job hunt for about a month, I got employed. But before I can resume, I must have a scrub.

Since I don’t know much about Lekki, I picked my phone, went to Google and type in, scrub sellers in Lekki Lagos or Scrub sellers near me.

If you were visible online, sell scrub and stay in Lekki, my probability of finding you is close to one. Imagine if people keep finding your business this way.

Nurses can take their businesses online

Why aren’t nurses doing business online?

I have keenly observed Nigerian nurses who are into other businesses (side hustles) and have come to the conclusion that more than 80% of them do not know how to maximally make use of the internet for their advantages when it comes to making more sales from their businesses online.

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It is also not a wrong assumption that many do not know how to properly use social media for their business marketing. What we referred to as Social Media Marketing.

What’s the way out?

Why should you do business online?

The reason is not far-fetched. Lots of statistics online have shown that businesses with online presence thrive more and have more credibility compared to those that are not. See some of the reasons below:-

  • Customers and Prospects trust your business and can recommend you to their friends: If people can’t find a grain of information about you or your business online, you cannot easily convince them on social media. Larger percentage of your prospects possibly sees you as a scammer. But when they can find your business online even when you don’t share on WhatsApp groups, they will feel relaxed and want to do business with you.
  • You make more sales: People now make purchases online more and more daily. So, if you offer products people are searching for, that is more sales for you.
  • People find your business easily online: Suppose the whatsapp or phone of your customers wipe out completely, how do you want them to get in touch after losing your contacts? Having online presence for your business will help. All they need to do is type your business name on Google and boom!

5 Simple Ways You Can Take Your Business Online As A Nurse

It is not impossible for you to know about some of these ways before. Check them out and act on them.

Website for nurses

(1). Business Website or Blog:

It is not a must to have a website, you can have a small blog for business. Mistake most people make is forgetting social media is not theirs. If you can afford it, have a professionally designed website or blog that suit your business purpose designed for you. Click here to hire me.

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(2). Listing your business on Nigerian Local Business Directories:

Apart from your personal website or blog, there are some websites dedicated to helping businesses online. Submitting your business on local business directories in Nigeria also help people find your business online. Some of these websites even serves people by location.

Ways Nigerian nurses can take their businesses online

(3). Proper use and optimization of social media for your business:

If you are on social media, make sure you understand and use the one that suits your business. Instagram is for pictures, Twitter is a microblogging media, Facebook is for pictures, videos and contents etc. When you choose the one that serve your purpose, properly set up your profile.

On Facebook, it is a must to have a page if you will be doing business on it. Having info about you, your business, working hours, how to order, how to contact and keeping your followers updated is not a bad idea.

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Remember, social media is another man’s Land. If you want targeted people to see what you offer, you need to pay for promotion. That’s called Social Media Marketing.

But still, if you still take your time to master the social media account you are on, you can make sales.

(4). Make use of popular forums in Nigeria:

The most popular forum in Nigeria is and I strongly recommend it for you. All you have to do is go there, register, contribute on topics that matter, talk about your business. You know why? If you properly make use of it, people can find your business online.

Advertise on fellow nurses

(5). Advertise on websites or blogs that have your target audiences:

Webmasters/blogger will go a long way to make sure you get targeted audience for your products. As a nurse that sells products that nurses need, website like Fellow Nurses Africa is one of the pages to advertise your business. When you advertise your business or products in form of sponsored post, be rest assured to find it on first page of Google.

Already have a website? Learn what Backlink is and how to build backlinks.

Concluding 5 Simple Ways You Can Take Your Business Online

Just as Bill Gates said, “in the future there will be only two kinds of businesses. Those who do their businesses online and those who will soon be out of business.”

I hope this article on how to take your business online help you make maximum use of the online presence to make more sales from your business. Nothing happens until you take ACTION!

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