Nurses  Are God Sent, Vanguard cartoons editor, Dada Adekola makes a U-turn, Apologizes to Nigerian Nurses.

Nigerian nurses received with a great shock the news of a publication on the “Mr And Mrs Segment” of the famous vanguard news paper on Tuesday, 22nd October 2019 by one Dada Adekola.

In the cartoon character, a jealous wife was seen scolding her husband of receiving different calls from nurses ever since he was discharged from the hospital, the wife also went ahead to refer to nurses as idiots.

The cartoon generated a lots of hullabaloo and mixed reactions among nurses, especially on social media with many of them calling for a boycott of vanguard news paper until a public apology is made.

According to them, Nursing is a profession rooted in ethics and principles that guide the conducts of nurses and as such, the cartoon publication was just an attempt to drag the name of the angelic nursing profession in the mud.

Dada Adekola when Contacted was quoted saying “The cartoon is not referring to some particular nurses or nurses in general. I’m sure you’re not new to cartoons, the characters used in every piece are imaginary. Back to this particular cartoon, the woman is just reacting to calls from the nurses as a jealous wife. Simple. No names were mentioned, no insults intended. I’m a professional and I have been at this for three decades. I consider attacking an individual or group of individuals as cheap and unprofessional. Besides, Vanguard as a corporate entity frowns at hounding of people or group of people. It’s an unforgivable sin. There are gate keepers who won’t let any mischievous article see the light of the day. Vanguard is a family newspaper and will do everything to nip in the bud anything and everything that will bring disrespect to its impeccable reputation. Thank you, by the way, one of my daughters’ ambition is to become a nurse“.

Katherine Kuyoro, a social media nursing activist and the convener, Nurses revolutio amongst others were seen championing the course. According to them, Vanguard news paper has only two options, to make a public apology or face legal charges for libel.

However, Dada Adekola, has bowed to the pressure and apologizes to Nigerian nurses today ,Thursday 24th October 2019 through another publication.


It is high time Nigerian nurses took social media seriously as many of the public misrepresentations and misconceptions about nurses and the nursing profession started from the media.  The era in which silence is golden has gone for good.

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