POEM: Who am I as a nurse?
Author: Nurse Olaleye Jemimah Tolulope

For decades, writers of TV shows and movies such as clinical matters, MASH have showed nurses in a demean roles direction, portraying them as sexual hobbies or objects, cruel, naughty, arrogant to mention but a few inculcating wrong views to the public about nursing profession which is in contrast to our service to humanity: caring, empathetic, compassionate, talented, intelligent, kind, lovable and putting our patients interest at first.

We are not just nurses alone, we are endowed with natural talents, skills, knowledge and the right attitude to take you back to rehabilitation

Our mission is to challenge and change public perspective on who nurses are, what we do, why the public need us to promote the care we render to individual, families, groups and the community at large through media which is a strong agent of change.

Interestingly, this article will shed more light on who we nurses are and our tremendous support and care in the healthcare system despite being underappreciated and undermotivated.

I’m pretty sure that you will like to know who truly a nurse is.

Who am I as a nurse

Who am I as a nurse?

I’m not just a nurse by profession
Have been trained to make it my nature.
With my meekly tender on motion,
Blissfully showing the sick my affections
Irrespective of their conditions,
A vow I pledged during my induction.


I’m not just a nurse but a savior,
A reliever of all souls.
Medically putting sickness behind the door,
My scalpel, an instrument of pure.
Pills, scissors, and more,
Tape measure, all is pure.


I’m a nurse and a mentor,
An ever conscious health visitor.
In and out of the ward I ensure,
In spite, the patients aren’t sure.
Your health care, my venture,
Health education is my chore.


I’m a nurse, yet an health inspector,
Working diligently with the doctors.
Not like a servant to his Monsieur,
But a co-worker working hand in hand
To make you back on your feet.
Is a must, not an option,
Consolidate and palpation.
Till you are back to rehabilitation.


I’m a nurse, that’s my call,
A job I do with all my all
With gentle joy. throughout my course,
Telling everyone across the world.
Showing it big on my wall,
Am a nurse among all.


I’m a nurse, your humble servant,
Always at your service with all my might.
In the morning, day or night,
Whenever you seem not alright.
I bring your health back alright,
Cheers! It’s your right!


I’m a nurse your caring friend,
Comforting you since all then.
Through your ailment, injury, and pain,
I encourage, persuade and mend.
Even when relatives turn you down,
I am, but always there!


I’m a nurse, that’s my habit,
Always euphoria to be on feet.
My white apron is my envious suit,
Looking good while it fit in.
I’m much proud of my responsibility,
Oh, God remains ability!
Nursing is a globally recognized profession!


Nurses are gladly overworked, yet no sector stands without them, nurses rendered lots of determination, power to care and stories to share!

About Olaleye Jemimah Tolulope

Olaleye Jemimah Tolulope ( a.k.a Nursobroadcasto) is a vibrant, energetic and skilled nurse, with vast knowledge in rendering of care to patients through the application of biological, psychological and other nursing sciences knowledge in rendering nursing care in all health care settings. A writer, orator, poet, health influencer and blogger. She is the Founder and team lead of Pink Salt Initiative