BREAKING: Meet Nigerian Young Nurse Representative At 2020 #NursingNow Pre-World Health Assembly Congress

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Princewill Aghedo

Princewill Aghedo (Descendant of Nightingale) shared with Fellow Nurses Africa his nomination to represent Nigeria in the 2020 #NursingNow pre-World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.

See what he said below;

My application scaled through and I got nominated as a Nigerian delegate to represent my country πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ and attend the biggest nursing event across the globe in 2020 (NursingNow pre-World Health assembly congress in Geneva, SwitzerlandπŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ ).

This event is organized by the NursingNow global team in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses(ICN) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The event affords the opportunity for selected delegates across the world to meet under one roof with global stakeholders in Healthcare and Nursing to brainstorm & reflects on Global best practices that can improve and promote the profile and status of nursing professionals worldwide. 🌏

During the period of the summit, delegates will be expected to make lecture presentations to be delivered to members of the NursingNow World Health assembly committee and also share an in-depth exposition of their healthcare system as it responds to the role of nurses and midwives.

With a growing 75% of the global health workforce, Nurses and midwives play a critical role in health promotion, disease prevention and delivering primary and community care services; nurses must be sensitive and strategically positioned to attract investment from local, national and international organizations in other to increase healthcare access and advocate for preventive measures against diseases and life-threatening illnesses across the globe.

Nursing remain is a profession of high repute both nationally and internationally and it’s our responsibility to promote best practices and Foster interdisciplinary collaboration with relevant stakeholders in education and in the health sector in other to take the profession to the highest pedestal of excellence.

Nursing Now


Special thanks to Nuruddeen Abubakar Matazu2019 Representative of the Pre-world health assembly congress for your advice and generosity in guiding me through the stages of the process to become a global influence.

To my mentor, chief strategist, innovator and global champion Collins Ndubuisi -Thank you for grooming me as your own, I sincerely appreciate.

To every Nigerian Nurse out there who have big dreams and aspiration to improve and promote nursing in a global stage.

“My advise for you is to keep solving problems around you in a larger scale and you are surely going to become the next big thing”

Thank you once again for believing and supporting the “Princewill Aghedo” Brand.

Alone, we can achieve little but together we can achieve a lot more.

Princewill Aghedo

Princewill Aghedo DNI
Descendant of Nightingale

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