Throughout human history, regardless of endeavour and part of the world, productivity remains the mother concept of relevance. Every human actions and inactions are directed towards the achievement and sustainance of relevance in any given society, but while the urge of relevance drive the majority, only few are driven by the thoughts of how to become productive and sustain such feat. It is therefore interesting to know that the few ones who are consumed by the thoughts of how to stay productive are the ones that rule the world today through their relevance to the society in our day to day activities.

Drawing from the above, one will be correct to say that life is built around our productive ability. So, one who desires relevance can’t afford the cost of being unproductive. Since the two are practically inseparable, it will be beneficial to briefly look at some individuals who are relevant secondary to their productivity. Moving for network providers (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL) to social media inventors, to physical goods maker such as Sir Alinko Dangote of Africa, amongst countless others. One interesting thing to know about these people is that, they are not just relevant to our day to day activities but they are increasingly relevant because they stay productive to the problems militating against mankind.

Without much ado, it is logical and essential to know that you cannot build a reputation on what you will do, rather, what you have started and currently doing. If you are already productive, congratulations. Simply find your stage to add more to your ability and knowledge. If you are yet to be one, congratulations, this is your time to take charge of your life.

If it is true that stars can only be seen in the dark, then, it is wise to be the stars to see in the dark situation of your society or immediate environment. There’s no two way to life than the problems and solutions. Here comes the Pentagonal secrets of productivity that works in all situations of human endeavours. They are;

1. Determiners 2. Product 3. Production 4. Delivery 5. Feedback.

1. Determiners: Nothing rests on nothing, nothing births nothing, nothing causes nothing. The above are expressions we must have heard growing up. This is simply to remind our minds that whatever happens in this life is secondary to a primary entity or circumstance. Hence, we as candidates of success can’t afford to neglect the determinants of our society, otherwise known as the primary or orchestrators of occurrences. Regardless of where you live and work, who you are and what you intend to produce, only three things determine your A to Z. They are the vertices of life triangle wherein our actions and inactions are circumscribed. This is YOU, ENVIRONMENT and PROBLEM (YEP). Understanding yourself, the nature of your environment and the problems affecting humanity in your society is the first and the most crucial endeavour in the quest for continuous productivity. Now is the time to have a clear understanding of your yourself in term of self discovery, understanding of your environment and the problems peculiar to your environs. This is where you can find a path to follow meaningfu. However, it’s is worthy to know that you can’t solve all the problems of your environment, so, wisdom demands you pick one and find excellent solution to it. But first, make a list of the problems.

2. Products: We have been in the business of consuming what is being produced by others. It’s high time we produced something that others can consume as a means of solving their problems. Having listed the problems in your society, it’s high time to pick just one and start imaginative thought on the type of product that can provide solution to the selected problem. Just first imagine it, though as being virtual. Why must you first imagine it? It is because your imagination is your available tool to create a solution without any cost of material resources and more importantly, your wings to travel the world on a spot. Interesting! Here is the beauty of it all, if you can imagine it, you can achieve it! Don’t only imagine the product, imagine the production, delivery and ways of getting feedback.

3. Production: Having imagined what to produce, how to produce, how to distribute and how to get feedback, it’s time to start the writing and drafting of plans which are SMART towards production. Making it a practical scheme is the hardest of it all, but the simplest thereafter. The type of product or service to produce will dictate the type of planning and resources to gather. It’s is worthy to know that consistency in the production line is key and as such, production must continue without stopping. Going forward, advancement and expansion can set in once the business booms.

4. Delivery: This stage is as important as the product you have created. Reason being that the product is only useful to the people that will consume them, not the producer. Hence, it is important to know your target population even very well and devise good channels through which the product can constantly be delivered without failing and disappointment.

5. Feedback: The effectiveness and weakness of your products intentioned to solving a particular problem can only be evaluated through the feedback of the final users, and this is the only way to improve and remain the brand of the people in the production line. It is therefore imperative to devise channels through which the consumers of your products can reach you with their comments on your products. Either positive or negative comments, don’t be perturbed too much, and don’t be too happy. The primary goal of feedback is to evaluate oneself and create room for improvement.

In conclusion, staying productive is subjective as far as we share different thoughts and philosophies, but how to stay productive is objective and is no respecter of our age, culture, background or race. Like the famous military officer Sun Tzu will always emphasized, every battle is won before the commencement of the battle. If this is true, then every success manifesting today already manifested in the virtual realm of imagination. Productivity is possible, imagine it, create it and remain productive!