Nursing officer attacked and assaulted in Lagos Hospital

Nursing officer attacked and assaulted in Lagos Hospital.

A whistleblower at Lagos state general hospital, marina has detailed a horrendous attack on a nursing officer at the emergency department of the hospital by an health attendant at the late hours of yesterday during a night shift.

The worker told Fellow Nurses Africa this morning an health attendant identified as Mr Lawal was said to have become furious when the nursing officer went to wake him up to assist a debilitated patient on wheel chair to the toilet during their shift.

He is alleged to have threatened to kill the nurse, slapped her and beat her up right in the presence of patients and other health workers.

The nursing administrator in-charge of the facility when interrogated by Fellow Nurses Africa corroborated the story.

“I was at the office when I started hearing some noises at the emergency department, I went to check myself. I was amazed when I got to know it was an attendant that was beating up my colleague. A Doctor who witnessed the whole incident told me the attendant had slapped my colleague severally for simply waking him up from his sleep to do his job”, she said.


Mr Lawal

The unit NANNM president of the hospital, Mr Oluwafemi Alo while speaking with our correspondent confirmed the incident.

In his words, it was such an unfortunate incident. We’ve reported the matter to the hospital management. We’re currently at the stage of fact findings. We shall be alerting our legal counsel and I assure you that the officer shall be brought to book, he noted.

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  1. Hmmmm… it is such an unfortunate situation and I can feel the pain of the nurse concerned. Health attendants who think nobody can do them anything especially those working with Lagos state. I have personally had confrontations with some of them and at the end of the day, the hospital management will plead on their behalf and that is the end. I am pleading with those in charge of this case to please let justice be served


      Is so shameful.when I was a student Nurse in the 80s at School of Nursing Awolowo Road they are under NURSING DEPARTMENT but was surprised it wasn’t so again in all Lagos state hospital.The autonomy given to them by the Politicians made them misbehave and Go Unpunished

  2. The man must be dealt with if found guilty else his colleagues will do same to other health workers… Assault in work place is unacceptable.

  3. This idiot must be dealt with, to serve as a scape goat for others to learn, if justice is not done, this incident will reoccur,. Also the live of the attacked Nurse and other nurses are to be saved from the hands of this hoodlum called health attendant

  4. What an insult to all nurses! Assaulting a nurse who asked you to come do the work you’re paid to do??? I believe this health care attendant should be relieved of his job, as it seems he doesn’t like his sleep being disturbed. Let him go continue at home.
    Warrant nonsense!

  5. This is absolutely unacceptable and should not be taken lightly to prevent reoccurrence,gross mistreatment towards nurses must stop and now is the time.

  6. This is really an unfortunate situation. We know that injury to one is injury to all so it’s the entire nursing body that is assaulted and so lagos state Nannm must step into this matter.

    1. This is the worse story have ever heard an attendant slapping a colleagues,if it were to be a patient Lagos State rule says they are king , let’s wait and see what there going to call the attendance also.

  7. What an insolence!

    It’s high time we find a lasting solution to these frequent workplace bully.
    The Nurse went her way to wake someone who was supposed to be active at work and all she got was to be beaten to stupor.This is bad and something has to be done about it.


    The Nurse

  8. I think the commission needs to check the excesses of the so called health attendants, ose on the island especially. They are rude

  9. He needs to be dealt with because they are just too full of themselves…and he needs to be relieved of his work cus it seems his sleep is more precious to him than anything
    They always feel ontop of the world.
    Arrant nonsense

  10. This is becoming unbearable, health attendant for that matter! those in authority NANNM should take up this case, let the world know that Nurses are not punching bags while on duty

  11. There should be no two ways about this,the offender should be relief of his job and ask to pay damages to the nurse concerned. In general,attendants in Lagos State are bosses,they should be contracted out.

  12. I hope this case will be followed to the end and Justice fully served. I hope it’s not going to be swept under the carpet as is most times the case when nurses are assaulted on duty. Lagos state NANNM should make sure this man is fully punished to serve as a deterrent to others

  13. This is the height of it, whatever came over him,the incidence should not be swept under the carpet,no boss should come here and tell us it’s because of familiarity,it’s simply unheard of…..

    1. This is the height of it, an attendant assaulting a nurse in uniform while on duty, it’s absurd!
      I implore those in the realm of affairs to do justice to this matter, this will sure serve as a deterrent to others.
      Justice must prevail!


  14. Please something should be done as soon as possible because if this is not addressed properly that means other Nurses are now at risk of been demoralized by this attendants,and please those in authority should educate them on their scope of duty. They brag alot because most of them are Islanders there’s nothing anyone can do to them, please let justice prevail in this case. God bless Nursing PROFESSION.

  15. This is very absurd and demeaning,an health Attendant beating up a nurse in uniform and on duty(what could the nurse have done to you to warrant that). It has become so common for the health attendants to look down on young nurses especially when they know they are older than the nurse and my thought about this is that they often think nothing can be done to them because in one way or the other they know people in power.
    Please JUSTICE must be ensured on this case,because a slap to one is a slap to all.

  16. He must be brought to book!!! These days, Health attendants are often found wanting in their assigned roles. You literally have to call them repeatedly,while on duty. And beating a Nurse? It’s high time the commission reviewed their job description and let them know… Nonsense

    1. Is Really Very Sad to hear dis,very very Sad. I wish Our Nannnm Officials do not take it Lightly. D Attendants Are Always Bones In Nurses Necks when on duty with Dem. 😣😣😣

  17. Mr lawal should be used as scape goat to all the attendants in Lagos State general hospitals cos they are two full of themselves.they ll tell you they have politicians as family and friends

  18. He may have to be made a scape goat if not, others will follow his step if nothing is done. Such great effontry. I hope this is not swept under the carpet.

  19. Sad enough,
    I hope this case will not be swept under the carpet in the name of he has apologized.
    The Lawal must be brought to book and serve as a scape goat to others who feel they are older than some Nurses because of their years in services hence they can’t be controlled.
    Even the rest of them needs proper orientation and job description well defined.

  20. It is disheartening,health attendant sleeping when nurses and doctors are on their feet working and still was woken to come do his work but came out to assault the nurse.
    He should be made to regret his action to the very last.

  21. This act of bullying must stop with immediate effect and the only way to stop it is by making this accused attendant a scape goat and get justice for the nurse.

  22. This attendant must be used as scapegoat to others that doesn’t have regards for Nurses in health service commission this nonsense must stop patient beating up nurses while discharging her duty, Doctor, patient relatives kilode mr Lawal oni se be mo idiot.

  23. Am sure others of his kind are watching keenly to see aw the whole issue is sorted. Either way we are going to handle this it will most certainly set the antecedent of the trend continuing or being halted. What an aberration!!!! A massive slap on our faces

  24. This is serious who does that and go scofrre with that no way .The Animal that call himself Mr lawal must not go Unpunished with this kind of Act.People concerned should please acts fast .

  25. This is such an unfortunate incidence, can a nurse ever be rewarded enough? The kinds of things one has to put up with….work place hazards and all sorts of things including assault from attendants!!!
    I hope she gets the justice she deserves.

  26. That is so inhuman and disrespectful!Not only did Mr Lawal disrespect the nurse he also disrespected the profession, my noble profession and it is not acceptable!Just because the nurse asked him to come and perform his duty/to justify his pay!!!This should NOT be swept under the rug!An apology would not cut dis one,NEVER!!!
    Yet another ill-looking,lazy,irresponsible woman beater!


  27. This is highly unacceptable, some male attendants are gradually turning themselves to terror in the Hospital. This should be curtailed as quickly as possible. Enough is enough please.

  28. A similar issue happened in ikoyi primary health centre that a health attendant slapped a nurse.The said attendant is an alcoholic.The health assistant is still in service,justuce was not served.Its so pathetic.Lagos state govt should screen all the health attendants in the state.

  29. This situation is becoming rampant and is due to the fact that any assault concerning nurses are treated with levity, when a doctor slaps a nurse, the nurse is blamed, when aggressive relatives of patients assault a nurse, the nurse is blamed. Now a health attendant that is a surbodinate has done this too, irrespective of his reason, he has no right to. And I’m sure he would never have assaulted a nurse he knew he couldn’t challenge physically without taking the beating of his life. The female nurses are more vulnerable. There’s a disciplinary committee seeing to professional misconduct, so no nurse must be assaulted while on duty. I sincerely wish this man is brought to justice to lay a good example.

  30. This is the height of it. Before it was people of same/ higher rank, but now it’s people of lower lower rank.(A Health attendant) A level 1/2 Staff to a level 9 official 😳😟☹️. A man who probably don’t have an SSCE certificate beating up a graduate while carrying out her official assignment in uniform?!. This is where we have relegated this profession to by not always taking action. Let’s say 2/3 people who have assaulted a nurse in the past has been jailed this we never happen. If Nurses like we should allow this to be swept under the carpet like previous assaults, it won’t be funny what we befall us next.😥😡😡

  31. Enough is enough, justice must be done no matter where the so called Lawal came from or any kind of group he belongs to, he must be punished.
    Justice for the assaulted nurse

  32. Akinsemoyin Adebimpe

    This is so disheartening and bull-shit. What would have come over that health attendant to have assaulted a nurse while performing her duty. Most of HSC attendants don’t respect nurses just simply because they are under admin and believe nurses are the ones they can always vent anger on. The board should always conduct psychiatric evaluation test for all attendants b4 employment and they should also stop employing thugs in to the health care system, cos it is injurious to the system itself.If care is not taken, attendant may just beat up the MD someday even patient too which means nobody is exempted from the assault. Hence, the so called Lawal needs to be brought to book and as well pay dearly for his actions to serve as lesson to others. On this note,im imploring comrade Alo, the Nanm chairman Gh lagos chapter not to relax or sleep on this matter, cos an injury to one is an injury to all and a slap on the profession too

  33. This is so disheartening nurses are now pounching bags at work place, doctors, patient relatives and now attendant
    ,NANNM should act fast now.

  34. ENWERE Enweremchi David

    This is irritating to the ears and an eyesore. Mr Lawal is known to be very insubordinate. Who does he want to do the jobs he’s being paid for!

    Last time I worked in the same Shift with him, he’d the effrontery to shout on my Head of Shift CNO Shittu for telling him to do his jobs.
    This animalistic behavior must STOP!

    Who the hell does he think he is!

  35. This is so embarrassing and painful,I have heard issues with the Male Attendant myself in my unit and I know how they behave arrogantly,I will plead that this issues should not be taken lightly,and he should be sued for it. That will serve as a warming to others.

  36. I am surprised to hear that he is not yet in jail,He should have been made to sleep in the cell till further notice, maybe that will make him come to his senses.

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