Kelvin Ossai

Kelvin Ossai is a graduate nurse from the Federal University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Apart from being a Registered nurse, midwife and Public health nurse, he is also a music artist, song writer and an actor.

He is a public health coach and social media enthusiast who uses his social media accounts to spread positive healthy messages, most of which will keep you informed about your health, and at the same time make you laugh.

In 2020, he released 2 songs (Be, and LovinYou), one of which found its way into BBC one UK radio. His music is inspired by God, Love and people around.

Currently, Kelvin is practicing in the UK, and works as an emergency department staff nurse.

On twitter, Kelvin Ossai also known as “The Male Nurse @KelvinOssai “, engages on health tweets, gives information on several other issues such as how nurses can migrate using IELTS.

Also, he makes antiquackery tweets as well. His tweet impression for the month of November alone was over 5million.

He wishes to continue using social media especially twitter and Instagram for the good of the profession and personal advancements musically.

He is nominated for Twitter Nurse Of The Year.