Olakunle Adenike 

Adenike Olakunle, is a Registered Nurse, a Life and Clarity Coach.

She is also known as “The Sent Nurse” because she believes that she was called to care for the threefold of man – spirit, soul and body.

She loves to help young and ambitious people achieve an ever-increasing level of success and fulfillment in their life, career/business, finance, and overall well-being- staying in alignment every step of the way.

“Because she believes the journey to success should feel just as good as the destination”

Her qualifications include but are not limited to RGN, Certified Life Coach, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Matrix Re-Imprinting therapist, Certified Level 1 Mental Health First Aid practitioner.

At the moment, she works as a Nurse in the UK, running her life coaching and health services business alongside.
She is the author of ”Balance is the new wealth”, a practical guide to help ambitious individuals align their ambitions with their health and wellbeing.

She has a Youtube channel where she guides nursing, health, faith, and lifestyle.

She is a seasoned speaker and a trainer