1,000 African Nurses | 20 African Countries | 5 Continents | One Event.

Are you are a professional Nurse and Midwife of African descent?

Are you passionate about exploring unlimited hidden global opportunities that can impel you towards unprecedented career breakthrough?

Are you ready to be vastly impacted, empowered and inspired by outstanding Nurse leaders, mentors, coaches and innovators from within the African continent and from around the globe.

Are you excited about connecting, networking and collaborating with extraordinary Nurses and Midwives who are fired up for a lifetime experience of personal, professional and career transformation?

Do you reside in Africa or in the Diaspora and are passionate about investing the future of African Nursing?

Are you willing and ready to break all limiting boundaries staling your career breakthrough and transformation?

If your answer is YES, The African Nurse: Breaking Boundaries 2.0 is just for you!!!

Things you’ll gain if you join now are;

  1. You’ll be be mentored, empowered and coached on how to leverage on the enormous hidden global opportunities available in our digitally-driven post-pandemic world, maximizing them towards TRANSFORMING YOUR FUTURE as an African Nurse.
  2. You’ll have UNLIMITED ACCESS to an outstanding community of disruptive thinking innovators, inspirational mentors and visionaries leaders whose intellectual power can transform the direction of your career journey for global relevance, influence, impact and income.
  3. You’ll be equipped with powerful tools and intellectual strategies that can help ACCELERATE and TRANSFORM your personal, professional and career growth to unbelievable heights.
  4. You’ll be exposed to amazing GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES not previously accessible for resourceful African Nurses and Midwives.
  5. You also stand a chance to win SPECIAL BONUSES including scholarship and sponsorship grants up to $2,000 for Career Advancement, Overseas Career Support, Nursepreneurship and Social Enterprise.
  6. Opportunity to be nominated into the African Nursing Award and Recognition slots for the event

Don’t ever miss the most inspirational and transformational summit for African Nurses in 2021!

What are you waiting for?


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