A Nigerian doctor popularly known as “Aproko doctor” has recounted how an aggressive patient’s relative slapped him some years ago while attending to another patient going unconscious.

According to his tweets “Today makes it 3 years a patient’s relative slapped me because 2 people fought and were rushed to the hospital and I started treating the one who was critically injured and it was not his brother.
A triage is where you basically decide which patient gets treatment when and to what extent.

This happens when you don’t have enough hands or resources.

In the case above, his brother had a cut to the head and was shouting while his opponent was losing consciousness

I was the only doctor in the hospital, one nurse, rowdy bloody EM when I got there!

I assessed the situation and went straight to the guy who was losing consciousness.

I was already already making sure his airway was fine when it landed on the back of my head, Tawaaaaaaaaaiiii

I couldn’t believe it! What just happened! I looked up to see this man shouting, his friends holding him back

He was shouting, “Look at this fool! This bastard! My brother is bleeding and he is treating somebody that is not bleeding”

His brother had a cloth around his head.

Brethren! That day I knew I was either very born again or mad! Because I did the strangest thing ever,I was smiling”

I was smiling and clenching my fist, and told his friends to take him outside the hospital compound! Or else, I am not attending to anyone as my life is at risk, he tweeted.

Have you ever been assaulted by a patient?

How best do you think healthcare professionals can protect/guard themselves from assaults at their workplaces?