Unto God is all glory and honour for the great things he has done for us. Solidarity greetings to the entire nursing students across the federation. The long passage of time without an address from the national body of NANSNM has being tied to the challenges that faced the national president lately which led him to being indisposed for weeks in the institution of care. We all bless God for the recovering stage.

Sequel to the trending eyesore video clip which is now everywhere, this association in conjunction with the leadership of NUNSA frowned at the order that led students to the field for hard labour. In time past, series of demoralizing incidents have been happening in various nursing schools most especially in the southwest without any check and balance. Fear has long ago encapsulated students in schools of nursing. Before the meeting held in Lagos with the representatives of head of schools in Nigeria where students leaders were encouraged to approach issues with consultations and dialogue, this association sent a letter across to chapters to send their various challenges to the national body through the different zonal leaders in order for us to embrace dialogue to address the issues but it was surprising that no chapter responded despite the challenges students are facing, simply because of fear of unknown.
The national executives wish to reiterate that consultation and dialogue has been our tools in handling situations. We are passing this across to our members to maintain the atmosphere of peace in the profession but in the case of School of Nursing, Eleyele, we want to believe that the words of Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo is now manifesting, when he said before his demise that one day, the victimized and oppressed citizens would rise up for their own defense. Upon heavy school fees, 100% obedience, fear of the management and long road to getting a degree after school, among other anomalies, the students can still receive this measure of treatment, it is simply discouraging.
The current event also forms part of the clamor and agitation for restructuring for a more promising future. This case is evidently beyond the jurisdiction of students but as student leaders, we want to humbly appeal to the pillars of nursing profession in Nigeria, the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria through Oyo State Nursing and Midwifery committee and the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) through NANNM Oyo State chapter to keenly look at the issue and do justice.
We want to assure the entire students in SON&M Eleyele that our leaders whom we have called upon are exceedingly able to defend us even at this crucial time and that they would do even beyond. We are feeling your pains as leaders, we share the stress attached to this but above all, let’s embrace love and peace with the management. Let us all know that no one is absolutely perfect, hence, rendering an eye for an eye would only make the whole world go blind. Let’s be calm, patient and desist from any violent act whatsoever.
On a final note, the sun would shine tomorrow whether the world likes it or not, only one thing called love can hold us till that tomorrow. With respect to this, we want to appeal to all and sundry to consider and apply the Gandhi test at crossroads to whenever one is in doubt. The test is simply a question that goes like this, ‘this thing I am about to do, would I be proud of myself if other people knew about it? Would the people who love and respect me be proud of me and still respect me if they found out what I have done?
Until victory is achieved, the struggle for sovereignty continues……
NANSNM National Executives.