Nurses do a lot to keep the Healthcare system functioning while sacrificing so much to care for diverse populations at different levels.

They are the heroes the world has but does not acknowledge or appreciate. Nurses deserve to be celebrated every moment, every day, and every season because they keep showing up even when the whole world was shut down.

  • Nurses are indispensable.
  • Nurses are extraordinary.
  • Nurses are wonderful.

They are a special breed not because they are angels or robots who do not have the human feelings but choose to be a vessel through which healing and comfort are brought to the helpless, hurting, and the world at large.

Here comes another time of year to applaud Nurses for the incredible work they do.

NJO in collaboration with other partners have taken the initiative to host various interesting online event in commemoration of the Nurses’ Week 2022 with these amazing events lineup;

  • May 7th – #NursesWeekAwareness
  • May 8th – Zoom Meeting (Ireland Immigration)
  • May 8th – E-Training for Nursing Student
  • May 9th – Quiz Competition
  • May 10th – Scrub Challenge
  • May 11th – Scientific & Article Presentation
  • May 12th – Decency Nclex Academy
  • May 13th – Celebrating ICONs in Nursing
  • May 13th – Nurses Twitter Hangout

Be on the lookout!

For students Nurses, JOIN HERE:

For the Quiz Competition, REGISTER HERE:

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For sponsorship, collaboration, and inquiry contact @njonurses

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