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Who is Princewill Aghedo (DNI)?

Who is Princewill Aghedo?

Princewill Aghedo, born in Edo State, Nigeria, can be described as a Global champion and an African frontier for uplifting the profile and status of Nursing across the continent.

As a leading voice in Nursing, Princewill chairs a virtual hub of over 10,000 nurses and Healthcare professionals, where he provides personal and professional development opportunities for Nigerian nurses.

The highly-skilled, compelling visionary and phenomenal resourceful nurse was nominated amongst 12 nurses selected by the Nursing Now Global campaign – An arm of the International Council of Nurses (Highest Advocacy organization for Nurses Globally) in 2020 & 2020 to attend the World Health Assembly congress in Geneva, Switzerland.

Princewill Aghedo popularly referred to as Descendant of Nightingale is a UK qualified master trainer with an international award in delivering training (IADT3). He is also one of the 50 licensed Basic life support instructors in Nigeria by the American Heart Association. As an instructor, He has delivered training to over 2,000 learners across private, Government and cooperate organisations in Nigeria like; Reddington Multi specialist Hospital, Lagos State Ministry of Health, Yobe state ministry of Health, Federal medical centre Bida, International Breweries, London professional Training Centre and many others.

Following his track record of excellence in providing professional development opportunities for Nigerian Nurses, he was appointed as the Chief adviser on career and academic development to the Nigerian University Nursing student association (NUNSA) – The umbrella body of over 20,000 Nursing undergraduates in Nigeria.

Princewill Aghedo’s Education

Nrs Aghedo got admission into the School of Nursing, University of Benin Teaching hospital, Edo state, Nigeria in the year 2013 and graduated in November 2016 as a Registered Nurse. He then proceeded to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing Science in the Department of Nursing, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria between the years 2017 and 2020.

Between the years 2019 and 2020, he became qualified Basic life support and heart saver instructor by American Heart Association and UK Qualified Trainer – International award in delivering training(IADT3) – Training qualifications UK, 2020

As a nurse passionate about global influence, he furthered his education by enrolling in Liverpool John Moore’s University to have his Master of international public health in the United Kingdom between the years 2021 and 2022.

In addition, Princewill had a Diploma in healthcare leadership from the University of Washington, USA in 2021.

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Princewill’s Awards

In 2017, Princewill co-founded the Men in Nursing assembly of Nigeria and hosted the first scientific conference in 2019.
His undying passion for nurses and nursing has earned him some awards like:

  1. The most inspiring young nurse in Nigeria, 2019
  2. Nursing and midwifery excellence awards 2020
  3. Special award for capacity development of young Nurses in Nigeria
  4. Special award for influencing Nursing Now activities in Nigeria
  5. 2022 Nursing Now Global Award for Advocacy and Communication.
  6. Following his transformative and inspirational content across various social communication networks, Princewill was listed as part of the top 20 African nurses to follow on social media.

Princewill’s journey as a global health nurse

The 2019 Art in Medicine fellow Key member of 4-man inspectors from international health organisation invited by the Yobe State health ministry to provide strategic direction and action plan to improve the level and standard of healthcare service delivery in the state. Member; International Health Organization (IHO) delegate approved to inspect and audit the healthcare delivery system of five government hospitals in Yobe State, to upgrade them to UK standards.

As a young nurse, Princewill holds a professional diploma in Healthcare leadership and management from the prestigious University of Washington USA. His interest in supporting the united nations to achieve the united nations’ sustainable development goals has seen him enrol for a master’s degree in International public health at the respected Liverpool John Moors University, UK.

As a leader in Global Health, he deployed cooperate communications and lobbying skills to win a grant of over 3 million from the National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America, following his advocacy campaign calling for the support of international Nursing organisations to fund the production and purchase of personal protective equipment for Nigerian Nurses. Following this campaign, he successfully distributed over 5000 protective gear to nurses across all the states in Nigeria, including the federal capital territory.

Following the rise in transmission of infections from patients to nurses, Princewill secured a collaboration with 360-degree Health Network to provide a UK level 2 training on infection prevention to Nigerian Nurses to provide them with the right skills and confidence to handle COVID-19 cases.

As the second wave of COVID became prominent, Princewill Aghedo rose to the occasion to launch another advocacy campaign that led to the donation of 1040 packs of N-95 nose masks by the Nigerian Nurses Association of USA to nurses working in red zones across 12 states in Nigeria.

Princewill Aghedo also partnered with 360-degree Healthcare network to win a grant from Queen Elizabeth commonwealth trust that led to the supply of personal protective equipment to public Health institutions across 3 states in Nigeria.

Following his constant continuous advocacy for promoting nursing activities in Nigeria, he was invited by the British broadcasting cooperation to speak about the challenges encountered by nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As his influence continues to grow, he founded a start-up organization – Empower nurses to consult in 2021 to provide funds for professional development for Nigerian Nurses. Until now, the organisation have distributed over 2 million Naira to empower Nigerian Nurses with resources to achieve their highest potential.

He was part of a 10 man lead nurse Africa team that hosted the first international nursing and midwifery leadership conference in Nigeria that hosted over 500 nurses across 18 countries and 5 continents

Princewill is currently working as a project manager(Healthcare) for one of the leading British Human Capital development organizations -the London professional training centre, where they organize interactive, educative, and intellectually stimulating conferences, workshops, and Training in Healthcare, Business Education, and Management.

He currently manages projects such as the Nursing and Midwifery Career Support Programs(NMCSP), UK-Health link conference, Health and Social Care assistant program (HSC), Career support programs and a host of others. Also in 2022 won the Nursing Now Global Award for Advocacy and Communication.

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How old is Princewill Aghedo?

Princewill was born on the 30th of October some decades ago.

Princewill’s net worth

Princewill Aghedo‘s net worth is not known, at the time this biography was published.

Princewill’s marital status

At the time of publishing this article, we know Princewill to be single.

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