Mr Macaroni

The Nigerian twitter community has called out the popular skit maker and human right activist, Debo Macaroni AKA Mr. Macaroni

Debo has posted on his social media accounts this morning one of his newly released skits where nurses were being portrayed as prostitutes.
This particular video didn’t go down well with the nurses on twitter and they’ve decided to call him out.

Although Mr Macaroni apologized for this wrong doing and subsequently taken down the video, his apology tweet was thereafter deleted after other fans attacked him that many of his videos address daily live issues and not about a set of professionals in particular.

Below are some of the responses.

@OsagieMerry The Nursing Community attention has been drawn to your Recent videos promoting Nurses as Sexual obiect.

It’s funny until health care professionals start trending as “sexual objects”, raunchy and uncultured.

Obviously your comedy centers around playing with the mind of viewers by using sexually provocative images of endowed women (both subtly and direct) and though you passes some messages to those in power which you can call your own “sauce”…

Albeit… This is uncalled for and shouldn’t be taken as a light joke.

Nursing is a noble profession. To become a Professional Nurse, one must be intellectually, psychologically, academically, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually sound because nursing is centred around “HOLISTIC CARE” of the whole being.

You’ve always been a beacon and foremost activist for the Nigerian and Youthful cause.

Please, find a way to fix this.
Even a new skit portraying this Noble profession differently from what you’ve portrayed us as, won’t be bad.

Thanks @mrmacaronii


As much as I’m in support of your position, I would also ask that you write to all the porn producers in the world who have made this the norm in their productions.

Mr Macaroni and any other creative reserves the Artistic license to express themselves in the way they deem fit.

I do appreciate your skits in the past few years but am not happy with the way the portrayed the image of the nursing profession, from the outfit to their mannerism to the psychiatric setting was totally wrong, I am a nurse by profession and I won’t applaud for this!!!

Take that dirty degrading post about Nurses down.
With your level of exposure,this is bad for a profession that is held in high esteem.

Not in support of any misrepresentation, but the Nigerian Police Force, Pastors, Chief Priests etc should be first to complain; in the sense that, “Not all Police are bad”, “Not all Pastors are fake”, “Not are Chief Priests are evil”, but have all been portrayed so in Movies.

Your village people are playing with your destiny @mrmacaronii you don’t even want to end well, if you love yourself ,say no to evil. how dare you. Nursing of all profession.

Recall that this isn’t the first time social media influencers will be using their platforms to promote the narration that most nurses are prostitutes, Tunde Ednut was the last on the list before now and lost about 500,000 followers on his IG account when nurses decided to come hard against him.