How to become a registered nurse in nigeria

Do you want to become a registered nurse in Nigeria but do not know where to start? I have a good news for you. Halimatu Abdullahi, a registered nurse, has gotten you the right guides (a book) you need to become a nurse in Nigeria.

As the Nursing profession becomes “hot cake” because of the opportunities that come with being a Nurse, some unscrupulous elements have gone ahead to offer different schemes and crooked paths for becoming a Nurse in Nigeria.

These have led to premium tears, wasted years, and resources for victims that innocently tread it.

For this reason, this guide has been put together for you if you want to become a registered Nurse in Nigeria and you are concerned about doing it the legitimate way.

Or even if you are not sure Nursing is what you want or why you should choose Nursing, that is also fine.

There is no right or wrong reason to choose Nursing. I also have had to define and “re-define” why I want to be a Nurse – So whatever reason you choose, it is valid.


What’s the inspiration behind this book?

The inspiration behind this book came from my journey as a Nurse, the countless times I’ve had to answer questions from aspiring Nurses and the information gathered from senior colleagues and directly from the highest sources.

In this book, you will find out:

  1. What Nurses really do
  2. Why you should consider studying nursing
  3. The pathways you can take to become a Nurse in Nigeria [School of Nursing Pathway, University Pathway, Adaptation Program for Foreign-trained nurses]
  4. The approved Nursing Training Institutions in Nigeria
  5. How to not be a Registered Nurse in Nigeria.
  6. Answers to some vital frequently asked questions.

The above will help you “count your costs” and give you clarity on your desire to be a Nurse.

Want to become a nurse or you know someone who wants to? CLICK HERE to Download your copy FOR FREE and endeavor to share this link with others.

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