Not less than 132 foreign students have been offered fake admission by the School Of Nursing, St. Luke’s Anglican Hospital, Wusasa, Zaria, Kaduna state.

These set of students were trained overseas and according to the Nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria, NMC&N, they have to enrol into a nursing school in Nigeria for 18months, get indexed and sit the Council examination before being allowed to practise in Nigeria.


It all started in the year 2018/2019 when the students came from different schools overseas with their document to school of Nursing St Luke’s Anglican Hospital, Wusasa Zaria Kaduna State. They were screened by then principal in person of Mr. Bitrus Zamani alongside others in the committee set aside for the screening exercise which include; Mr. Olorungbo, Mrs. Kemi, Mrs. Yakubu, Mr. Jericho, Mrs. Onwuka Ngozi and we’re offered admission letter from the school, then officially resumed in 2019. They attended lectures, paid school fees for not just one year but from 2020 till 2022. They were indexed, wrote project, paid for necessary things in school and then started with the preparation of council exams, and in May 2022, they wrote the Nursing and Midwifery Council Exams and waiting for results.


Then on the 19th of August 2022 when other students’ result were released theirs ware not included, they tried to reach out to the school to find out why but they didn’t get any response, then they approached the former principal, Mr. Bitrus Zamani who advised they go to the zonal office at Kaduna State. On getting to the zonal office at Kaduna, unfortunately they couldn’t see the zonal co-coordinator because he wasn’t on sit and that was the beginning of the ordeals.

One of the affected students who spoke to Fellownurses.com recounts his experiences.


“We spoke to the staff at the zonal Co-coordinator’s office, they advised we meet our school or go to Nursing council office reason being that our issue cannot be sorted out in there office.

The next day, we went to Nursing Council office Abuja, we met with the S.A to the chairman, she said that report coming to there office from St Lukes Anglican Hospital Wusasa Zaria, said we came in Illegally, but we should go back to our school and left the principal write letter to them to attest to the fact that we didn’t come in illegal.


The next day, we went back to Zaria to meet with the current principal Mrs. Ngozi Onwuka she said that the result cannot be released where as she was among those that screened us the second time along side Mr. Vorondo, Miss Faith, Mrs. Lilian which happens to be Tutors of the school as well and according to them, that was the Bishop’s instruction. Days later, we went back to the school to meet with the C.M.D and he said we should come back the next day after their meeting. When we got there the next day, the chief medical doctor in the school said that the Bishop doesn’t know about our coming to the school and even if we are thinking of going to get a lawyer, that the school also have lawyers that they consult and that the lawyers said that they are not wrong. We went back to Mr. Bitrus Zamani he

Advised we meet with the Bishop. we met with the Bishop, he said he is aware of the issue, that he will help us and we should wait till 4th November, after the council exams, that he will go to Nursing Council to summit a letter

in regards to the result and till date the letter wasn’t submitted to the supposed office”




On Wednesday, 30th of November, 2022, the Bishop called the Exco’s to meet with him

on Thursday being 1st of December 2022 by 9am. In the course of the meeting, the Bishop said that he got a letter from Nursing Council on the 18th of November 2022 and in the letter it says that they have cancelled the result due to the

fact that the school have refused to come for the result. Sir, as much as I will love to go into details, I can attest from discussion and meetings held with the principal and the Bishop that school of Nursing St. Luke’s Anglican Hospital have refused to do the needful in ensuring that the result is released by sending the proposed letter to Nursing and midwifery council office on our behalf because it is obvious that we didn’t come in illegal, we have our document from our school and we were screened and offered admission

letter from the school authorities both past and present principal are involved.


Another student who spoke to us anonymously said their dreams of becoming a nurse have been shattered, she pleaded all they need at this time is justice.


When contacted by our correspondence, the principal of the school confirmed the situation and promised plans are ongoing to resolve the situation.

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