Do You Have What It Takes to Score 80%+?

In other to celebrate the 2023 international nurses’ Week, we are using this quiz competition to appreciate YOU for being a good nurse. The winners go home with 20k (winner), 10k (first runner-up), and 5k(second runner-up).

When is the quiz starting?

The first phase will start in


Important Instructions to follow

The quiz will only last 20 minutes for everyone. It starts and ends at the same time. Once the quiz expires, you won’t be able to access it again.

Sample of the quiz

The quiz is 100% MCQs in all Nursing subjects. See the structure of the quiz below.

How to get notification

  1. Follow us on Twitter. Click here now
  2. Click on the Notification Bell Icon on Twitter and turn it on to receive notifications from us.

You will get the notification 5 minutes before the quiz starts.

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